Sara Sampaio is faced with Jameela Jamil, the actress who angered Kim Kardashian


The Internet and online profiles have given everyone the possibility to share their opinion on any topic. This is the case of the actress Jameela Jamilwho has taken advantage of the platforms online to criticize harshly to the celebrities. Kim Kardashian it was one of their objectives, as Jameela published as worried as she felt because the entrepreneur will promote slimming products without medical control to their millions of followers, a crusade to which also added Sophie Turner. This time it is your turn to the runway models, a profession of which the performer british do not have very good opinion, as explained in their networks through a message that has not sat at all well Sara Sampaio.


“My god, my god, this looks like fun and not a teenager terrified and starving walking. Precious,” wrote Jamil along with a photo in view of the two models of large sizes on the catwalk. Sampaio read the criticism of the actress and did not hesitate to answer in the screenshot: “Why don’t we celebrate something nice without crushing other people? Call the runway models ‘teenager terrified and starving walking’ is extremely offensive. For someone who is always touting the body positivity this seems to me very hypocritical,” says the top Portuguese.

The crossing charges are not finished here, as Jameela wanted to explain himself before Sampaio saying that had not said that all models are starving, but yes the vast majority. “You have not said you are all, of course, but you choose to attack some girls to be able to extol to others. You talk as if you knew for sure that the majority of the models have eating disorders or drug problems, when that is not the case. And about modeling I can speak with much more certainty than you,”, end of Porto.


The conflict comes after that the fashion industry is taking hold, step by step, a process of change to represent all kinds of women. For example, this year there will be held the traditional parade of Victoria’s Secret and one of the reasons it is popular opinion that has not been able to adapt to these times and to hire girls with more physical variety. After further discussion, Jameela Jamil makes it clear what their position was before this problem… now we just wait to know what will be your next assault.