Sarah Abitbol: Nathalie Pechalat’s lack of support pointed out after her rape accusations


A year after denouncing the rapes committed by her ex-trainer, Sarah Abitbol deplores the lack of support from Nathalie Pechalat, president of the ice sports federation.

In January 2020, came out of silence and accused her former trainer of sexual assault and rape. The former figure skating champion had released a book to denounce the actions of her former coach. The opportunity also for the young woman to denounce the omerta that reigns in the world of figure skating and denounced the fact that many knew about her trainer and had yet said nothing.

A year after the scandal, Sarah Abitbol said she was “relieved” that her former trainer, Gilles Beyer, was indicted for “rape of a minor by a person having authority over the victim” and “sexual assault on a minor”. During an interview with L’Obs, the pretty brunette also admitted to being very disappointed with the evolution of the situation in the world of figure skating.

Sarah Abitbol did not fail to mention Nathalie Pechalat who is the current president of the French ice sports federation: “Nathalie Pechalat, the new president, appointed an ethics manager who not only did not come to me but refuses all my proposals for collaboration “laments Sarah Abitbol.

“I have the impression that they want us to move on, that Sarah Abitbol, ​​she dirtied figure skating by talking about rapes” she added. The former athlete also revealed that her former club, the place where her attacker trained her for years, now denies her access. “Today, I have difficulty going to train in my ice rink. And that, it is very hard to live psychologically.” she confides.