Sarah Kohan Welcomes Spring in a Strappy Micro Bikini

Javier Hernández and Sarah Kohan.

Since returning to Los Angeles, the Australian model has raised the temperature again on social networks

During her stay in Australia, Sarah Kohan was away from social networks, but after her return to Los Angeles, she has returned to show off her figure, after giving birth to her daughter Nala a few months ago. The model has also resumed her daily exercise routines.

The wife of soccer player Javier “Chicharito” Hernández welcomed spring by sharing with her fans a selfie taken in her bedroom and in which she appears modeling a two-color striped micro bikini.

A few days ago Sarah Kohan published a collection of the photos she shared on Instagram over the course of a week, in which she and her children appear modeling various outfits; “Chicharito” is absent in the images.


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