Sarmiento and Banfield did not go beyond zero

The tie is fair but the 0-0 is a liar. Although throughout the game it was not possible to find one that clearly prevails over the other, Sarmiento and Banfield were able to carry out the game they had planned. And both generated several scoring chances.

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The drill was the one that started the best, but could not specify a very clear play, with a header from Ramiro Enrique that went inches from the post. From there, the procedure was matched until Green, advancing his lines, took over the ball and began to handle the match to his liking with Quiroga at the head.

The second half followed the same line: those of Diego Dabove better in the opening minutes, and those of Martín Funes adjusting with the passing of time. At the beginning of the complement, Nico Domingo, who was already booked, should have been sent off for a foul on Jonatan Torres, who was leaving alone. Penel only charged a foul, and Núñez almost nailed him to the angle. Yair Arismendi was the one who had the last one, when the crash died, with a shot from inside the area that Facundo Cambeses took off the post.

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The duel, of course, also featured dull bumps, with more balls and friction than play. At the end of the day, the two teams made merits to at least open the scoring, but neither to take the points.

Given these scenarios, it is always remarkable not to lose, but the venue is not at all satisfied: if you want to have a good cushion of points when the averages return, you must make yourself strong at home. And in that sense, he lost two units. Above, he has already been four in a row without winning.

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