Sasha Grey and Hulk Hogan in Saint’s Row: The Third


Just a few days ago THQ announced the Platinum edition Saint’s Row: The Third. Now, fans will have several new reasons to take a look when it debuts in November next, as Hulk Hogan and Sasha Grey will lend his vocal talent for the same.

The professional wrestler Hulk Hogan (who appears in video games since the early 90’s) will have the role of “Angel Of Death”, a wrestler betrayed by his team, who will join the Saints out to conquer Steelport. For its part, the exestrella of porn movies Sasha Grey, lend his voice for the Viola DeWynter, part of the duo of sisters whose minds criminal direct the financial empire of the Syndicate.

Daniel Dae Kim will repeat her role of Saint’s Row 2 as Johnny Gat, lieutenant of the Saints of the Third, who has made a name for himself as the image of the series, in addition to having appeared in Lost and Hawaii Five-O.

Hogan and Sasha Grey will be next Thursday the 21st at the Comic-con in San Diego signing autographs in the booth Saint’s Row, whose premiere is scheduled for November 15 of this year.


Via Gamespot.