Sasha Grey bares her skills to play Resident Evil


A whole generation of men is a fan of Marina Ann Hantzis, the real name of Sasha Grey, who rose to fame by starring in pornographic videos. But, after its passage by the porn industry, dona Sasha Grey lurched to his career, and became a writer and even in mainstream actress.

Now, once more, wants to give a twist to his career, and from a few weeks ago opened a video channel on Twitch, from where it ascends streams with their adventures in the world of video games.

Since the launch of its channel, 2 months ago, Sasha Grey has been very active, and already has 32 videos of gaming. Initially stuck playing the remake of Resident Evil 2, to which he dedicated more than 20 videos.

In another video showed their first time… playing League of Legends, demonstrating that, although it is not the gamer more skillful, defends in all types of genres.

Currently dona Sasha has a little over 63,000 followers on Twitcha good figure, but we believe that it should have many more, especially if we take into account that it is one of the former pornstars world’s most famous.