Sasha Grey had what’s known in Chile, and promises that she will return


The multiartista Sasha Grey is already in Chile, where she will present this Saturday in his facet as a DJ. Marina, your birth name, will give a show in the Underground by clicking disks and cheering the night.

Seven years ago he retired from the industry in which he gained notoriety at the global level: the porn. Before you start a brief interview, Sasha excused herself. “I’m a little tired, but don’t tell anyone, “he said almost whispering to DNA.

– What do you know about Chile?
-I know that I have a nature very cute and I hope to learn more and see more. For sure I will come back.

– Have you tried chilean wine?
-Yes, but it is always best to test it in the place where it is.

– What do you know about music in chile?
-I do not remember how is called a group. I saw a really cool group of rock, in Los Angeles, where I live, who was from Chile. But I can’t agree on how it is called (this can be The Law. Also liked the Pozze Latina).

Was also in 40.