Sasha Grey invites you to his “room prohibited.”


Photo: Special

After the success with the first erotic novel from the author of american Sasha Grey, the FIL Guadalajara was the venue for initiating the second part of this story of Juliette, which turns into a saga to this novel tinged with passion, and that will be, ahead of the also former porn actress, one of the trilogy that is already thinking about the last part.

“I never said but always what I thought: this first book ‘The society of Juliett would have to be a saga, because if you look at the end I left it open for a continuation,” remarked the writer, who in turn, said that he has been engaging in music as a Dj, and although it is not categorized as a singer, yes interpreted from time to time.

The story of this new book, like the previous one, has to do with the part of his story, although he said, “the experiences are of Juliett, the story of me”. His first book of the series was sold in more than 20 countries, and he confessed that he tried to take him to the cinema, but had no luck.