Sasha Grey returns to Monterrey with the Hello festival




Udo and Porter in Monterrey

Sasha Grey returns to Monterrey to be submitted at the Hello Festival on Saturday 20 September.

The former porn star returns to perform in the Hello Fest with his DJ Set with which we could see above in the Foam N Glow Party where he shared the stage with the sexy DJ Rhiannon and Chris Lake.

The ex-porn star, writer, and now DJ is going to be in the sights of all the attendees, especially the men, as they are the ones who know more, (although it is certain that some girls also saw their films); knowing that you can’t see what you would like to see, the act of being in the same place that it will attract a lot of people.

Sasha Grey has also written a novel titled “The Juliette Society” that is Catherine, a young student filmmaker with a great restlessness sexual, who discovers the existence of a club exclusive and mysterious, a place of gathering of powerful people that yearn to explore the darker side of their sexual fantasies.