Sasha Grey returns to the stage gamer playing Resident Evil 3


It’s funny when we talk about personalities of adult cinema, but this occasion is special in that it Sasha Grey has returned to the stage gamer playing Resident Evil 3 remake.

Thanks to the momentum bypassing the franchise of zombies with the remake of this title, it is normal to find several channels where they play. This activity was added to the famous former actress who he gave us some of the first chapters of the Resident Evil 3 remake.

As expected, the account of the streamer began to receive donations and questions, but Sasha simply followed with the game.

Looks Hyped to hang out & finally play the RE3 Remake! !socials !discord of Sasha grey in

But don’t be fooled as the remake Resident Evil 3 it has not been the only game that has gone through the hands of Sasha Grey. In fact, she already had a channel on Twitch called Sashagreystreams.

However, the content that is mainly devoted to Resident Evil 2 remake and League of Legends ended up disappearing, so this year. Grey has opened a new channel where it is broadcast this type of content.

Did you know the transmissions of the Sasha Grey video game?

Source: SashaGrey