Sasha Grey reveals no wonder the film industry for adults


Sasha Grey, known for having participated in the film industry for adults, told of strange that facet due to the field of music and literature, in which he has innovated in the last few years, turns out to be distressing.

“The strange [la industria del cine para adultos] by some factors. For example, I miss the security I felt knowing what would do the next day. In the world of music and literature is very difficult to survive, because you do not know that it will bring the day that follows. It turns out to be nerve-wracking,” said Grey in an interview with the website Publimetro.

He added that his start in the adult film it was from one moment to another and that his taste for philosophy and the music differed from other actresses.

“When I started in the adult industry I was 18 years old, I did it without much thought. I was very young. He spoke about philosophy, music, literature or photography because that is what I like. So I think that made me who I am and I differed clearly from other actresses,” she said.

Grey left several years ago, the industry of movies for adults and dabbled in literature and music. In 2013, he published the novel The Juliette Society and plans to esribir the last book of the saga.

“The sequel of my novel will see the light in October in the united States and possibly come to Latin america at the beginning of 2017. Now, I find myself writing the third part of the saga”, he responded to Publimetro.

In the music

In its facet of Dj, Sasha Grey said that in his beginnings as a musical artist had no experience and made many mistakes.

“At the start put a lot of experimental music and industrial [en los shows]but in forward I was forming my own style. I learned with time and experience. I realized that I love to play live music, so now I focus on this,” he said.

Visit in Lima

Grey showed himself glad to visit our country and told of his desire to explore some places of Lima during your visit to our country to give a presentation on a disco local.

“I’ve never been in Lima. I have some friends in Peru, and by that count I’m dying to get. I still don’t know if I will reach the time, but I dream of going to Machu Picchu, learn about the mystic of the place”, told in an interview to the portal