Satanic lyrics in “Agora Hills” and more

Doja Cat cosplays as Lucifer in the “Paint the Town Red” video.
Photo: Doja Cat via YouTube

Another year, another record of Satanic panic. Lil Nas with demons on his shoulder. “Planet She And Hot pink was a money grab and you all fell for it,” she said earlier this year. “Now I can disappear somewhere and touch the grass with my loved ones on the island while you all cry over mediocre pop music.” Well, Doja must have been resting in hell, considering all the Lucifer-esque lyrics are soaring on her new album. Scarlet. She raps about her haters, obsessive fans and lovers, making direct or indirect references to the Devil himself. Spray yourself with holy water and head into the pits to see just how scorching hot Doji Hell gets.

10. Now you swear on Sunday (Sunday – oh my God).

Curse on the Day of the Lord? A minor offense, of course, but still very serious. note good Christian act. These lyrics are dedicated to the opponents Doja Cat cultivates by being, well, Doja Cat: showing her legs in supposedly racist chats, essentially telling her obsessively loyal fans to go fuck themselves, saying that she tricked everyone into listening to her pop music… actions that could would turn any churchgoer into a regular rant on Sundays.

9. Mmmm, she’s the Devil.
(“Paint the town red”)

After Doja debuted her Liceti monster tattoo on Instagram, a fan said she sold her “soul to the devil.” She did not confirm or deny the accusation, but told the fan to believe in “whatever helps you sleep at night.” The rapper even hangs out with the Grim Reaper in the song’s video and wears a crimson hooded cape and matching dress. Plus, in the “Attention” video, she is reborn, covered from head to toe in red blood. These facts, of course, will not help her refute the claims associated with the Devil.

8. I said, “Suck my dick, clit, breasts / I scream ‘666.’
(“Fuck the girls”)

Shouting out the number of beasts after they’ve told people to “suck my dick, clit, tits” is a childish way of making fun of people who are afraid of all satanic references. Making people clutch their pearls out of direct provocation? Low hanging fruit if you ask me.

7. I’m a puppet, I’m a sheep, I’m a cash cow / I’m the fastest growing bitch on all your apps right now.

With Satan being a famous werewolf and Doja Cat being a musical werewolf, the entire album is filled with different rap styles, with only this song having a distinct drill sound. In terms of genres, she does everything from Afrobeats to pure pop and R&B, a cash cow counting hundreds of Hot 100 hits. The song’s chorus asks listeners, “What do my demons look like / Now that you bitches have been shaking?” They probably look rich.

6. She mixed Fendi with Shein.

This Shane and Fendi outfit probably looks like a mess because Shane’s scratchy, chemical-smelling fabrics are Spirit Halloween quality at best – a dissonant style choice that only the Devil could come up with. This lyric is doubly satanic if you ask me, because the combination is not only mind-blowing, but also brings to mind that Shein has been accused of forced labor, stealing the work of other designers, and other human rights violations. And she just gave them free publicity…it’s annoying to see. Fashion police! Fashion police! We caught her red-handed.

5. Racing through the city, we treated the horses/
You could call PETA – the paint on me makes me look gorgeous /
I’ll take geese and a chinchilla coat for a walk and/
Don’t forget the cheetah print – hurry up, come here, write it down /
If that shit don’t bleed and scream, I don’t want it (take it back)

Turning to PETA means we’ll have to suffer through more of its fetishistic animal rights ads, which sometimes feature naked women pretending to be skinned. PETA will probably use this song as background music for their next bizarre skit. Thanks Doja :(.

4. I’m ten fingers behind Dash Gets fast food.
(“Agora Hills”)

Imagine being a DoorDash fan and listening to a sample of Troop in public. The company has amazing prices, terrible customer service, and is so convenient that it’s easy to get into the habit of being lazy and never cooking. How can a $10 meal end up costing $25? no tip? Where do all these extra fees come from? Stinginess, that’s where it is. (No shade to DoorDash—I’m literally a paid subscriber.)

3.’Because I’ll do something diabolical if you @ me.
(“Skull and Bones”)

She’s not lying. Her rant, which stemmed from fans writing to her about dating a man accused of emotional abuse, was absolutely harrowing to follow, but I had to keep an eye on her for work. A punishing task in the hell created by Doja’s stupid anti-fan comments. Luckily she has some decent bars on the album and I was able to enter a new kind of purgatory where I had no choice but to admit that she was both annoying. And talented.

2. Holy cow, you’re a holy rag / Hold me when the hole needs dick.
(“Agora Hills”)

Comparing your man – the same man facing abuse charges – to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit… Girl, if you don’t stand up…

1. I just quit nicotine.

The inner Satan is released when you exit the vape. Withdrawal symptoms are a bitch.

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