Satellite Reign PC Download Full Version

Fans of real-time strategies maintained in a cyberpunk atmosphere have certainly heard the announcements of a new game created by 5 Lives Studio, i.e. Satellite Reign. The production will hit stores on August 28 and everything indicates that it will meet with a very positive response from fans of this type of games. Entering the world of Satellite Reign, we will try to gain control over the city of the future dominated by wealthy organizations. It promises to be really interesting, the more that the same people who once worked on the Syndicate series are responsible for its creation. What does the “revamped” version of Syndicate Wars look like? See for yourself, check out Satellite Reign Download, check out what the people of 5 Lives Studio did to translate the iconic strategy into the language of today’s computer games.

Satellite Reign PC Download Full Version

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The cyberpunk style has not had many fans since today. It is present in literature and science-fiction movies, it is also present in numerous games, including Satellite Reign – a production in which the player, in pursuit of his goal, will traverse the electrifying streets and dark corners of the city of the future. At this point, we should mention the graphics that we will deal with in Satellite Reign – everyone will surely be satisfied with this aspect of the game. Refined to the smallest details, dynamic, varied, full of visual effects, mega realistic, with an interestingly designed color full of purple, green, blue – shades that perfectly match cyberpunk climates.

Anyway, in the Satellite Reign scenery, everything fits perfectly with the world of the future, thanks to which when playing, you have the impression of being in the very center of this exciting universe. Now you can find yourself in the middle of the metropolis of the future – click Satellite Reign Download and join the game.

The atmosphere of Satellite Reign is unique, there is no doubt about it, and how is the production doing in terms of the plot and the gameplay itself? When we start the game, we get four agents under our wing, whose actions we will direct. The goal is simple – take the city from the rule of big, powerful, rich corporations that are responsible for the disturbed social system. An arrangement that is very unfavorable to ordinary citizens who must live in poverty, nestling in slums, while the wealthy bask in luxury. Society alone has no chance to reverse this unjust order – ruthless police units watch over everything. The advent of a new underground organization is an opportunity for a revolution. Will she manage to take control of the city? Go to the linkSatellite Reign Download , become a player, control the activities of a team of agents endowed with individual skills.

Game trailer – Satellite Reign 

If you want to play the role of a true tactician in organizing missions to the best effect, Satellite Reign is a good choice. We will not find an action plan set from A to Z and subsequent missions drawn out step by step. Instead, we will have to demonstrate a strategic approach ourselves by devising methods for carrying out tasks and implementing them. We will often have to choose from among various ways of achieving the intended goals. For example – we will be able to spy, break into computers, give bribes, kidnap other characters, rob banks. At the same time, we will also carry out typical actions with the use of weapons, gaining access to better and better equipment over time. What effect will the chosen tactic bring?

Satellite Reign PC Download Full Version

Download Now

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