Saturate portal pre-registration for the financial support by coronavirus


The Governor of Jalisco reported that in just two days we have received more than 230 thousand pre-registrations in the Emerging Plan for the Protection of the Employment and Income of the People.

“The truth is that it has exceeded our expectations, the response has been such, that for some moments became saturated the online platform and caused discomfort in the capture process; however, we worked 24 hours a day to keep the system afloat, and everything continues to walk in order” he said.

In your account of Facebook’s representative added that has not been not easy to meet such demand.

“But we know that it is necessary because in Jalisco we are not going to leave their fate to those who need help the most. To the coronavirus, we are taking care of your health, which is the most important, but also the economy of thousands and thousands jaliscienses. The herculean effort to make the adjustments budget necessary, and be able to have a bag of billion pesos is unprecedented,” he said.

The president invited the owners of a micro or small business to register.

“These days, you will receive an email to take the next step. Starting Monday, you’ll be able to upload your documents for review, and when you have your interview appointment you will be able to argue the reasons that support the support to your company, but above all to maintain your workforce,” he said.

The self-employed or informal workers assured them that also rettingán soon a text message to the cell with the steps to follow for registration and schedule quote of the interview.

“It is important to know that the process will remain open so that all people can be catered for. From this Monday we have scheduled the first 1,000 people, who have already begun to receive your appointment notice for interview. It is important that you help us only to go to the centers for interviews when you have your appointment. We will analyze case by case to be sure of benefit to those who need it most and, as I pledged, since this Monday will also begin to be delivered the first support”, he said.

Also he made a call to be very responsible and caring with this emerging resource to reach those who really need it. The page pre-registration is

Published tips

The Government of Jalisco issued the following recommendations to those who are prerregistraron or are going to register in the Emerging Plan for the Protection of the Employment and the Income of the People in the modalities of support to micro and small enterprises and support to people with self-employment, underemployment or jobs that are not formal:

  • If you have problems making your registration is due to the high demand. We are working to improve the experience. If you an error occurs, we suggest trying at different hours.
  • Try to clear data cache of the device where you do the processing. (Go to the settings of your browser of preference and clear the data for navigation, or use the command CTRL + SHIFT + R.)
  • In the mode of self-employment, since you can upload your documents in a virtual way if you already did the registration; in the form of micro and small businesses, begins the stage of digital reception of documents on Monday, march 30.
  • You can rest assured the platform will continue to open in order to receive logs and uploading documents simultaneously.
  • Have patiencewe continue to work at a feverish pace to give you the best experience on the platform and you can make your records with effectiveness.



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