Saturate the portal of financial support COVID-19


Persons seeking access to the bag of a thousand million of pesos available to the State Government to help citizens who lost their income due to the pandemic coronavirus, have virtually collapsed the page of pre records.

The governor of Jalisco reported that, only in the first two days, the platform has received more than 230 thousand requests within the Emerging Plan for the Protection of the Employment and Income of the People.

“The truth is that it has exceeded our expectations,” he acknowledged. “The response has been such that some moments are saturated the online platform and caused discomfort in the capture process. However, we worked 24 hours a day to keep the system afloat, and everything continues to walk in order”, said the representative of the state.

Through social networks (the chief Executive has reduced his public activities to meet the indication of any exposure to the least possible contagion), the governor said that it has not been easy to meet such demand.

“But we know that it is necessary, because in Jalisco we are not going to leave their fate to those who need help the most. Before the coronavirus we’re taking care of your health, which is the most important, but also the economy of thousands and thousands jaliscienses. The herculean effort to make the adjustments budget necessary, and be able to have a bag of billion pesos is unprecedented,” he said.

The president invited the owners of a micro or small business to register. The page for it to do so

And to those who already did, he reminded them that “in these days you will get a email to take the next step. Starting Monday, you’ll be able to upload your documents for review, and when you have your interview appointment you will be able to argue the reasons that support the to support your company, but above all to maintain your workforce,” he said.

To the self-employed or informal workers assured them that they also will soon receive a text message with the steps to follow for registration and scheduling of interview appointment.

“The process will remain open so that all people can be cared for. From this Monday (tomorrow) we are scheduled to the first thousand people, who have already begun to receive your appointment notice for interview. It is important that you help us only to go to the centers for interviews when you have your appointment. We will analyze case by case to be sure of benefit to those who need it most and, as I pledged, since this Monday will also begin to be delivered the first supports.”

Finally, he called on the aspirants to be responsible and in solidarity with the emerging resource so that it reaches those who really need it.

Don’t despair, everyone has an opportunity

As the high demand of support has come to saturate the pre records, the State Government has offered applicants these tips so you don’t miss the opportunity to get access to them:

  • The problems logging in are due to the high demand and the areas of competent work to prevent this from happening. For this reason, they ask that you not stop trying in the page
  • If you have tried and tried and cannot access it, delete the cache data of the device which carries out the procedure. To do so, to the settings of your browser and clear the browsing data, or, use the command CTRL + SHIFT + R.
  • For the mode of self-employment, it is reported that if you have already made your registration, it is possible to upload documents in a virtual way. In the form of micro and small businesses, tomorrow starts the stage of receipt of digital documents.
  • The state Government specifies that “you can be quiet. The platform will continue to open to receive logs and uploading documents simultaneously”. In addition, it asks applicants to receive the support that they have patience. “We work to give you the best experience on the platform and you can do your records effectively.”

The State Government has a bag of a thousand million pesos to alleviate the contingency. THE REPORTER/F. Atilano

Tapatíos entrepreneurs support to the contingency

After reading and listening to comments of doctors, paramedics and nurses about the lack of inputs to cope with the pandemic of coronavirus, the tapatíos Miguel Huerta, Ernesto Flores, Javier Alba and Paulina Gutierrez created some projects to try to help.

They created a prototype of an artificial respirator, face shields for protection of medical personnel and a mobile application that will help citizens to identify, through a test, what is the risk of getting COVID-19.

Javier Alba is responsible for the prototype of the respirator, which is currently in phase of approval. Its manufacturing cost is about between three thousand and five thousand pesos, but the computer will go on sale in not more than four thousand 500 pesos.

Also created the “Symptoms Coronavirus”, available for Android, and was created from algorithms of the World Health Organization (WHO). Just answer a series of questions, it will suggest to the user whether or not to go to the doctor.

The printing of masks that cover the face of the medical staff is another of their projects. Miguel Huerta explained that they have a regular cost of 500 pesos in the market, but the team tapatio got abaratarlo 150 and 170 pesos thanks to the develop with a 3D printer.

The challenge is to find how to produce them in a massive way, in such a way that they can “become cheaper to 70 pesos per unit, and the processing time would decrease to three hours a piece, to only 15 seconds.”

Of time, reported Miguel Huerta, there are more than 60 masks were delivered to medical Atotonilco and to staff of private hospitals in the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara.

The team hopes that through Twitter (the account is @MiguelHta) for people to download the model of the face to print it out and use it, or even make adjustments to it in accordance with your convenience. “You will find a link with the designs. With this we hope that, if people cannot help us to produce and deliver, at least they can print it and have it for the benefit of doctors in your community”.


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