Saturated guards: what to consider before taking children to the hospital

This is one of the most exposed age groups due to the fact that in the last month it has presented a contagion escalation of covid that led to saturate guards and testing centers Dependent on the main pediatric hospitals in Mendoza: Humberto Notti and Alexander Fleming. It is that the infants, boys and girls under three years of age They are precisely those who still cannot receive the vaccines, do not use a face mask and are generally the ones who put objects in their mouths or touch sideboards, chairs, tables and any element that helps them climb, try textures and practice new jumps with their hands. or games. It can happen, in fact, that despite all the efforts of mom and dad to keep their hands clean and away from any potentially contaminating object, the thousandth of a second that the fingers brush the face has passed in the middle of any situation.

The truth is that in the context of the current increase in covid infections, the smallest of the house have not gone unnoticed. In fact, the demand in pediatric guards continues to exceed the ability of doctors to respond. However, the good news is that the need for hospitalizations for this cause continues in very low percentages. From the Ministry of Health of the Province They assure that they will not release the data about the percentage of babies, boys and girls who, within the total population affected by covid, present the disease. For their part, at the Humberto Notti hospital, they highlighted that at the moment the professionals are not available to provide information due to the saturation in the system.

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