Saudi Arabian League: Cristiano and Man lead Al Nasr with great goals

arriveDue to lack of good performance, punch is the key victory for those Luis Castro this afternoon.The party lasted until Defend Arrad, Who did what he could. A 1-3 stay short.

The first part is marked disorderexist Stroke And in defend.Those ones Luis Castro They did everything but Well played.without controlling the game Leave a lot of space for your opponent.duo Tavares-Sayoud sowing Fear At a couple’s place Laporte-Alrajami and occasion Clear There are a lot more brazen.

under the lack of Christianityhe mixer Must be his other one Star, Sadio Mann.Africans carry equipment on their backs He scored a truly spectacular goal just before half-time..Fuck low cumshot Moreira scored from the edge of the penalty area, 0-1..

As if that wasn’t enough, just a minute later expulsion of Vaesidefender of al rad, thank ex liverpoolhe was alone against the goalkeeper. Everything happened in two minutes. It was 0-1 at halftime, but Al Nasr was in gray.

cristiano’s hunger

What life has, separate Team members are leaving soon, Enter the second half and break down Alrad’s net.its about Anderson Talisca, ex benfica, I connected a left handed from your home get it done Arrive in the squad Christianity Despite encouragement from his teammates, he failed to score. 0-2 and the competition faced.

Despite good results, Some players are dissatisfied.It can’t be anything else cristiano ronaldo.As greedy as ever, but Fallen He tried various methods like never before, but could not satisfy his thirst for goal. Until the 78th minute arrives.

Madeira’s seventh goal in this Saudi Professional League He has to do it himself.For pruning Cao is contained within the area and left foot Go online to confirm his good performance Nasser. 7 goals at this Saudi Professional LeagueAnd for him loopholes.he Honor goal will arrive 87‘, a beautiful Panenka captain’s fouzal Make up the results a bit.

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