Say hello to VIPs, from Valeria Marini to Hegia.

However, what is surprising about this type of site is not the work itself as a whole, since many TV presenters, for a fee, participate in store openings, discos, conferences, etc., devoting hours to them. Monetizing your time is the right thing to do, especially for those who live off their image, so a video message that takes a few seconds should be a good deal for them. Deal with? Marini’s video message costs the person who orders it 100 euros, and, obviously, not all of them reach her, the same amount for Graziani. 70 euros for 30 seconds of congratulations on the birthday of Manuela Arcuri or Schillaci, 60 for Diego Armando Maradona Jr., 50 for Mastrota, Susanna Messaggio, Alex Belli, Sara Tommasi, Fulvio Collovati and Tina Cipollari, 40 for Gianluca Pagliuca and Patrizia Rossetti , 35 for Giuliacci, 30 for Constantino Vitagliano, 25 for Antonella Mosetti, Viola Valentino and Geggia, 20 for Simone Tagli, and we stop there because the list is endless and populated mainly by reality show participants and TikTokers, idols of their public. but unknown outside the fan club. In any case, it is clear that we are talking about small money even for the most famous names: this will not be a big commitment, but each client will have to devote a few minutes. It can be assumed that for an hour of recording, those in the highest category, from 50 euros and above, can collect around 1000 euros, which could rival the TV presenter.

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