Saying goodbye to the usual long tank top: how to wear it differently and look cool

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The T-shirt is one of the hottest items of the season, designed to be worn not only in summer, but also in autumn, in various combinations.

Stars from all over the world from jennifer lopez to chiara ferragni they love jerseys. The reason is simple: it is very well suited for creating various combinations, it can also be elegantly created with the right elements, and above all, it gives a beautiful shape to the body, helping to define the waist and neckline.

Although it is a timeless garment, over time there have been some new interpretations designed to inspire not to use classic clothes only as an undershirt. Or very long and not very sexy. In fact, drawing inspiration from the most mundane looks can streamline even a simple white tank top. How? It is so simple!

T-shirt: an eternal thing that should be in the wardrobe

White, colored, with shorts or skirts, long or short, plain or ribbed, made of cotton or synthetics: when it comes to T-shirts, you are spoiled for choiceall kinds of shapes, as well as always different materials, which, therefore, each time give a different result.

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T-shirt today he’s not such a rude boss anymore usually used as a sports shirt or for the beach. Over time, it has undergone a very long transformation, becoming the perfect element for making up a summer look. Therefore, it has come a long way, and today we can say that the very concept with which it was associated has been more than cleared through customs.

Until the twentieth century, the T-shirt was the clothing of the rich. In fact, the nobles used it to protect the skin, that is, as an intermediate layer with clothes that were not often washed and that were still very rough and irritating. Then there was an unprecedented boom during the 1912 Stockholm Olympics. For the first time swimmers wore the jersey as a suit, facilitating body movements. However, over the years it has become a symbol of the working class. who, forced to work in the sun and in the heat, needed cooler clothes than ordinary shirts that did not allow air to pass through. So he passed from the head of the rich to the clothes of the poor.

Until she came to the movies breaking all patterns and becoming a symbol of lawlessness. However, in Italy since the 1940s, it has been combined with something unpleasant, more for men than for women. However, as a result of this process, it passed customs clearance, came into use and became a truly universal garment.

Basically the same shirt. used in winter with sweaters to warm the skin., then to protect yourself from the heat, and then in summer to create a fresh look in combination with shorts and sandals. That is why it can never be missed, regardless of the moment and climatic conditions.

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Looking at photos of divas who love to wear a tank top, you can see how often it is short, so with a bare stomach and in combination with shorts, trousers, and also with a high waist. White is the most used ever, a very specific little follower that marks the body. Those with larger builds may instead turn to a more comfortable alternative, perhaps even longer-than-short shorts such as Bermuda shorts.

Since it is essentially a very simple garment, it is worth focusing on accessories to give the image a certain emphasis; to make it special or more elegant depending on its use. It goes great with high heels, sneakers and sandals without any limits, letting your imagination run wild.

How to wear a simple t-shirt and be in trend

There are so many fancy t-shirts to be found in stores, of course you can have fun with different colors and fabrics, but there are a little trick that can be applied to existing t-shirts to make them look brand new and very sexy.

Instead of wearing a tank top like you always do, you need to do the exact opposite and then lay it down with your hand down, essentially the opposite. Wear your bra over your tank top instead of under it, pull up the straps and wear them as you normally would. Adjust the length below to get the desired degree of skin exposure. You can make it either top or jeans level to your liking.

The exit is perfect: in the summer, when it is very comfortable, this is the perfect solution, and also when you want to emphasize a special touch, so as not to fall into the classic long tank top that does not allow the skin to breathe. A practical solution that can also be combined with beautiful accessories. to give the shirt an elegant or special look.

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