says the billionaire who gave up at the last moment

The disturbing revelations of Chris Brown, the billionaire who backed out of an exploratory journey into the depths of the Titanic at the last moment

He paid $250,000, but in the end chose not to leave.

Life is marked by sliding doors and unexpected destinies. But also sensations and forebodings that can save our lives. The billionaire knows this very well. Chris Brownwho, a step away from the depths of the Titanic, took a step back. He, too, must have been aboard the Titan submarine, which has been missing since last Sunday.

While Brown can breathe a sigh of relief today, other travelers trapped in the shuttle at a depth of almost 4 km are now running out of oxygen.

Hopes to find them alive are connected by a thread: if they are still alive, they have less than a day of oxygen.

The billionaire who was supposed to be on a submarine

Chris Brown abandoned the trip minutes before the capsule sank into the ocean. “No, no, it’s too risky,” he would have thundered just as the others, now missing, were boarding the submarine.

The British tabloid The Sun collected his testimony during these hectic hours of desperate searches at sea.

More than a feeling, it. In fact, Chris Brown was aware of the risks. As was the CEO of OceanGate, who was fired for warning the company behind these costly trips; almost 230,000 euros per person for 8 nights, in a narrow space of just 6.5 meters insulated with impenetrable carbon fiber armor.

“Old poles and a PlayStation joystick”

An English newspaper reports that something clicked in the head of the 61-year-old tycoon and businessman before boarding a capsule with a ticket already paid for and handed over. In addition, Chris Brown understood the risks associated with the poor quality of the technology and materials used inside the submarine. He himself admitted this: “They use old scaffolding poles as ballast.”

The submarine is “controlled” from the surface using joystick-type commands, which Chris Brown explicitly defines as “a video game like a computer or PlayStation joystick”.

Hence, systems “based on the types of console or computer games”.

Chris Brown can’t rest because of his friend Hamish

The billionaire cannot be called relieved. The lost cabin houses his friend and billionaire entrepreneur. Hamish Hardingwhich was in control of the vehicle and would have given more “SOS” to the passengers, given that the sonars recorded more intermittent shots at a distance of half an hour between them.

“I’m very upset for him.”

Brown is convinced that right now Hamish is urging everyone to handle the situation. Even when faced with the risk of slow death by suffocation.

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