Scammers Advanced Trick System PUBG Mobile Improved


Scammers Advanced Trick System PUBG Mobile Improved
Scammers Advanced Trick System PUBG Mobile Improved; Copyright©my world

These scammers Can Mobile Some time in PUBG

OKETEKNO – As it is known is that the developers of the online game has cheaters as their main enemy. Due to the with your presence, of course, the game will not be tied to competitive again. The one that is now at war with the scammers namely, Tencent Games, in-game PUBG Mobile besutannya.

Not just a system update, it will get better, so that players feel comfortable to play the game shoot-shooting, but also to eliminate to continue to improve the system of detection of the fraud, the users of the cheat are scattered is still in the game.

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There are a variety of actions against the account of scammers such as this, where the quote comes from Gamerant, Tencent Games has tires, a new method called project-Pan against the cheater in the game PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Cheat
PUBG Mobile Cheat; Copyright©Vazgaming

In a short video, be aware that the developers catch a cheater, this makes the characters in the game to become invincible with some of the techniques are quite complicated. Not the same as cheaters in the game PUBG Mobile in the rule, but cheaters using code and special software to his character invincible.

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Instead, they have cheated the system in the game, by two devices, a smartphone on a regular basis. And if the battle has already begun, on a device, you will play up to the first half.

After a while, he is in the game PUBG Mobile devices. So the game can be detected-system, if there is a problem with the connection to the account. And while the game remains playable on the second device, cheater will not be able to be killed, so it’s easy battles by other players.

After that, they lived switch to the first device, so that there is a notification in the game PUBG Mobile such as “Connection Issues” or a connection problem is solved to win the game with ease. But still caught and get the punishment, banned for 10 years.

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