Scandal in France: Payet attacked and Lyon-Marseille suspended

Again the scandal sneaks into a match of the League 1 from France and again the Olympique de Marseille stuck. This time it was in the hot encounter before the other Olympique, the Lyon. What happened? country that attacked Dimitri payet when the Marseille player was about to take a corner from the left corner, so the game was suspended.

A bottle to the head

Barely four minutes had been played when Payet, who was about to execute a crner, was attacked with a plastic bottle full of water, which I hit the left side of his face, hurting him and causing him to fall.

Immediately all the players of both teams surrounded the attacked and the referee, minutes later, sent everyone to the dressing room, so the game was suspended until further notice.

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This is not the first time this has happened. Payet had already suffered attacks against the Nice fans earlier in the day, in another game that had to be suspended. Marseille matches generally have these kinds of settings.

All the action obviously went viral on social media, which condemned violence in football.

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