Scandal with LeBron James in the NBA: he was expelled after elbowing him and leaving a rival bleeding

The move that sparked the controversy and subsequent embarrassment

Los Angeles Lakers trailing by 12 points, 78-66 to Detroit Pistons, with 9.18 minutes left in the third quarter. Lebron James I expected the possible rebound of a free throw in a physical fight, with a lot of friction, with the youth Isaiah Stewart. Suddenly, King James freed himself from his adversary, who fell to the ground; sense. Immediately, the star sought to apologize, help him to rejoin, but his rival, a 2.06-meter mass, got up and vehemently reproached him, raised the temperature as blood began to flow from his right eye …

LeBron starred in a real scandal on a new NBA day. The repetition of the images allowed us to notice that James, 36, elbowed Stewart, stealthy, almost imperceptible. When his adversary rebuked him, they were face to face, and players of the two casts had to separate them, especially the young Isaiah, who on several occasions tried to get rid of custody to seek to get into the ring with the legend, who later ended up moving away from the scene. Of course, he did not manage to prevent him from being expelled, as well as his contender. It was the second disqualification of his career, which holds four champion rings in the world’s most competitive basketball league.

Despite the loss of one of its figures, the Angelenos managed to reverse the score and prevail by 121 to 116, after a dreamy last quarter, which they won by 37 to 17. In the absence of James, who finished with 10 points, 5 assists and a rebound in 21 minutes on the field, the other stars of the squad appeared, such as Anthony Davis (30 points), Russell Westbrook (26), Carmelo Anthony (18) and Dwight Howard (13), who stood up for the team in a heroic comeback, to bring the season record to 9 wins and 9 losses.

LeBron leaves the court after expulsion (Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports)
LeBron leaves the court after expulsion (Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports)

Stewart, meanwhile, closed his roster with 4 points, an assist and a rebound in 19 minutes. And the Pistons are still going through a dismal season, with just four celebrations and 12 losses. In a comparison that seemed favorable, LeBron’s elbow and the victim’s crazy reaction distorted the development and encouraged the cold blood of the experienced men of the Lakers, who sniffed the blood and were left with a victory that will bear the stamp of the scandal.


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