Scandals “extracancha” has left us quarantine


Due to the pandemic Coronavirus the sports have stopped. In Mexico began to break on march 16 and since then the sport activity is in a bubble; however, there is something that is not exhausted: the scandals extracancha.

In television programs, on social networks, or more in the day-to-day, but the events spicy do not cease in Mexico and in some parts of the world.

Here we leave some of the scandals in the last few days:

Players are left to win; I have evidence: Fidel Kuri

Fidel Kuri Grajales said to have evidence that players of the Club Veracruz lost matches on purpose, and accused the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) of theft. READ MORE.

Alexis Vega and J. J. Macias is ahead of scandal in Chivas

The players Alexis Vega and José Juan Macias is anticipated in the social networks and will protect you from being responsible for a new scandal of Guadalajara. Vega, by means of a letter they hung up on Twitter, denied an act of betrayal in a love affair, and explained that an alleged indiscipline would leave tomorrow published in a magazine. READ MORE.

‘Travieso’ Arce displays his xenophobia with China by the COVID-19

The exboxeador mexican Jorge Travieso Arce discriminated against the asian population to show their rejection on the ground that the “chinese pigs by eating pure shit”, are guilty of several of the situations that keep on alert for a large part of the countries in the world. READ MORE.

Jose Luis Higuera airs secrets of the Chivas

Although Guadalajara has taken a positive direction in the Closing By 2020, Jose Luis Higuera, who was CEO of the club, does not believe that the management of reinforcements have been optimal. The now ESPN analyst criticized the business which represented the acquisition of football players from Chivas before the start of the current contest. READ MORE.

In the jail, Ronaldinho celebrated his birthday-40

Ronaldinho, winner of the World Cup Korea-Japan 2002 and two-time winner of the Golden Ball, met today 40 years of age, a prisoner in a jail in Paraguay. READ MORE.

Kemonito complaint products fake your character

Taking advantage of the ‘fame’ that has taken on the character of Kemonito in the last few weeks, through the social networks, the official mascot of the World Council of Wrestling regretted that have arisen pages that use his image and name to sell products that are only marketed in the spaces assigned by your company, such as the Arena Mexico. READ MORE.

Vikonis exploits against Puebla by making fun of the Blue Cross

The club Puebla had to face off against the Cruz Azul Futbol Club, on matchday 11 of the suspended Closing 2020 by the Covid-19. But this is not liked to Nikolás Vikonis, keeper of The gaza Strip who seemed to him more important to unite than to create rivalries on the pitch virtual. READ MORE.

Exárbitro “invited” to loot a store in the middle of a crisis by the Coronavirus

Diego Gilberto Gurrea, exárbitro accredited by the Federation of Mexican Soccer, it occurred to him to use their social networks to “invite” to commit a crime, in the framework of the quarantine by the outbreak of the coronavirus. READ MORE.

Rodolfo Pizarro ridicules Jose Luis Higuera

Rodolfo Pizarro ridiculed Jose Luis Higuera, who compared it with Ramon Ramirez. The employer commented that the selected, multiple champion with the Guadalajara, he was never the idol red and white, as only to “dance”. READ MORE.

Rival of the “Canelo”, is suspended for video misogynist

The Board of Control British Boxing (BBB of C) has suspended the license of the fighter Billy Joe Saunders, possible opponent for Saul “Canelo” Alvarez after he published a video in which he advises men on how to beat their partners. READ MORE.

AMFpro makes fun of Charles Albert with an image of a “green mouse”

The Mexican Association of Footballers (AMF) is hooked up with the commentator Carlos Albert on social networks. The organization, which —according to their philosophy— represents and protects the interests of professional footballers in the country with “respect for their dignity, honor, integrity, health, freedom and security”, did not endure the criticism of the commentator, and he responded with a picture of the reporter drawn as a “green mouse”. READ MORE.

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