Scarlett Johanson, Drew Barrimore, Cameron Diaz and Margot Robbie join the challenge of the fight (+video)


More than 1.3 million visits in four days racked up the challenge of the fight, virtual played by some of the actresses most recognized of the big screen.

Scarlett Johanson, Drew Barrimore, Cameron Diaz and Margot Robbie are among the Hollywood actresses who joined this challenge video along with some of the best doubles of the industry.

The challenge is to spin a series of videos that simulate a fight virtual.

The following is the complete list of actresses that participate in the challenge, and the minute of the video in which they appear:

00:00 Zoë Bell

00:15 Lucy Lawless

00:20 Tara Macken

00:23 Drew Barrymore

00:27 Juliette Lewis

00:32 Tamiko Brownlee

00:38 Rosario Dawson

00:45 Amy Johnston

00:49 Cameron Diaz

00:55 Kim Murphy

00:58 Daniela Ruah

1:03 Michaela McAllister

1:09 Kaitlin Oslon

1:18 Lauren Mary Kim

1:25 Florence Pugh

1:38 Zoë Bell

1:47 Julia Butters

1:54 Angela Meryl

2:00 Sarah Irwin

2:08 Daryl Hannah

2:13 Sophia Di Martino

2:19 Tracie Thoms

2:32 Shauna Duggins

2:41 Zoe Saldana

2:46 Ming Qiu

2:50 Renée Goldsberry

2:53 Rosie Perez

3:01 Lilly Aspell

3:04 Thandie Newton

3:08 Mel Stubs

3:14 Jessie Graff

3:17 Zoë Bell

3:24 Monique Ganderton

3:32 Halle Berry

3:43 Heidi Moneymaker

3:51 Scarlett Johansson

4:00 Dayna Grant

4:04 Margot Robbie

4:12 Renae Moneymaker

4:18 Zoë Bell

4:25 KT Tunstall