Scarlett Johansson, white and blue dress, when she gets out of the car, glows red. The actress is always hot.

One of the most revered and loved divas in the world, Scarlett Johansson, was spotted with a seductive and special look next to her car. What did he really do?

A symbol of sensuality, an emblem of beauty and a true symbol of an environment full of temptation. Scarlett Johansson and passionate From car. From all points of view. That is?

Much more often than it seems, we end up talking, especially in the media, about what will not be a dichotomy: an ancient, eternal axiom that unifies beautiful women to beautiful cars.

Despite the many achievements made society try to do every day within emancipation AND equal opportunity, too often female beauty it is used as a marketing ploy and stereotypes.

Surely it would be fair to say that even the most beautiful women they have every right to own, drive and enjoy cars Beautiful: however, it is equally necessary not to stoop to sexism.

Scarlett Johansson: what was she doing in the car?

A prime example of how Cute woman from talent and in full career can love cars without losing sensuality and dignity Scarlett Johansson. Why?

An example of this is some of the photographs they took in the recent past. immortalized wonderful actress Hollywood intends to spend time with her car. Do what?

In this case, postures are out of the question. hot, winking or something else, as people often think, combining women and cars. There sensuality, of course have; because it is inherent Scarlett.

However, what he was doing there at the time wonderful actress it had nothing to do with the too trivial association of ideas connected with seduction hot women in the car.

Scarlett Johansson, here she is, beautiful and practical in the car

In this photo, in particular, you can see the beautiful Scarlett in a pose that does not try at all: but she is busy for the sake of take care of your car.

Photographed in the moment practicality, wear white and blue dress and goes out and deals with the machine, without losing its proverbial elegance, but intending to clean it, take care of it, and keep it in its place.

There beautiful 35 year old in fact, she is cleaning the car and the dress sticks to her, leaving another path of sensual beautywhich brings one of the movie stars closer to reality than many so-called “ordinary” people.

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