Scary movies: 10 iconic scream queens from cinema history

they call them scream queenor even shout queens, Italian style. are great interpreters of horror movie (but also thrillers in some cases), girls and women who are often on the run are forced to flee from all kinds of impending danger. Dark movie heroines should know how to organize Dense spectrum of feelings and emotions, offering interpretations played on various levels. This genre is always in vogue and this series was also aired in 2016 scream queensWith Emma Roberts, intended as a parody.

fe re (King Kong,

Fay Wray is the forerunner of the great cinematic screamo: in 1933, in King Kong, Set the standard for this type of view, Tied to two pillars, at the mercy of the giant vanara, she screams at the top of her voice. A curiosity: As soon as the shooting of the film ended, Fay Wray entered the RKO sound room, where she recorded a large collection of cries and moans called “”.aria of suffering,

Janet Leigh (psychoanalyst,

This is probably Janet Leigh’s most famous scream in the shower in the most iconic scene in cinema history psychoanalyst, heartbreaking cry of a woman Reinforced by the deathly, pounding music of Bernard Herrmann, And to think that Hitchcock originally wanted the shower sequence to have no background music at all…

Daria Nicolodi (Darkness,

Daria Nicolodi, one of the queens of Italian horror and crime films, gives an exceptional performance scream queen In Darkness by Dario Argento. she is unforgettable heart-rending cry in the rain, crucified in front of Anthony Franciosa, struck with a nail. Nicolodi’s angry cry is also memorable Event,

Nev Campbell (the Scream,

In Wes Craven Creed one of the iconic scenes in the history of scream queen: Sydney is on the patio, on the phone with Ghostface, thinking up a joke, even manages to laugh it off. He then returns home and finds the masked maniac in front of him. almost a remake ironic and different A sequence that over time has become a genre in itself.

Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween,

from mother to daughter, Two great actresses passed the Queen’s scepter scream queen, After Janet Leigh, Here’s Jamie Lee Curtis, Who’s Already in First Place Halloweenthat of 1978Michael demonstrates his ingenuity by making clear all his fears in the moment of confrontation with Myers.

Barbara Steele (devil’s mask,

Barbara Steele’s heartbreaking cry in the scene where the iron mask is placed over her face, raised above by hammer blows, is An unforgettable snapshot of horror cinema, with those pictures Mario Bava Made a sinister compilation sequence and the British actress has made a rapid leap up the Olympus scream queen,

Asia Silver (monster 2,

A very young Asia Argento showcased her talents in the role of Ingrid Haller in Demons 2, 1986, which was filmed Lambert Bawa and is famous for the scene where a monster appears in the television. Over time, the actress has consolidated her fame. scream queenParticipating in films that have made a mark.

Heather Langenkamp (Nightmare – From the Deep of Night,

Many remember Heather Langenkamp for her troubled sleep and her attempts to escape Freddy Krueger in chapter three of the story. Bad Experience, where she plays the role of Nancy. Beyond nightmares, the actress has recently returned to horror territory Hellraiser: Verdict,

Jessica Biel (don’t open that door,

in the 2003 remake Tobe Hooper’s cult horror filmEven more tense than the original, Jessica Biel brings to life the terror of a panic-stricken girl on the run from Leatherface and his family of crazed cannibals.

Jenna OrtegaBeyond Evil – Insidious 2,

many people believe that scream queen Generation Z’s Jenna Ortega started dating horror movies insidious 2will be taken care of later The Babysitter: Killer Queen and in scream 6, But proof of her most compelling scream queen exists X: A Sexy Horror StorySlasher film directed by Ti West,

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