Scenario N ° 1: Daily Comrcio


The Service CarnaUOL, Section 1, has focused the attention on the Marquês de Sapucaí, in Rio de Janeiro, brazil, which gives their 30 years of age of the city. In keeping with the identity of do to the roots of the samba of rio de janeiro, the space in which he was the artist, in Addition to its Noble for many of samba in the area. Among the guests of February Oliva, Antonio Oliva, July Sarahyba, and Álvaro Garnero, with names like Maria Gimenez, Reynaldo Gianecchini, Lulu Santos and Oscar Castillo, in addition to the equipment of the muses, (1), which consists of Sabrina Sato, Isis Valverde, Alessandra Ambrosio and Daniella Sarahyba, that esbanjaram of poland.

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Antonio Oliva welcomes guests in the Sapucaí
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The new album of Montenegro and Álvaro Garnero in the mood of rio
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Nelsinho Piquet and Gaby Borges, the hustle and bustle of the Carnival festivities in rio

Arts techniques

The Institute of Ling launched a call from the Point of Theatre, a project that has as objective to increase the production of the performing arts, to support and ensure the space for the creations of the cinema. For the third consecutive year, the organization will select the new shows to be part of the programming of the cultural center of the city. Will choose the four shows unpublished works of the performing arts, being one of them should be dedicated to the child audience.

The Jazz

The Butía presented in the 1. march, the project of Jazz on the coast, with Sunday concerts, taking as a backdrop of the setting sun on the Body. The Quarchêto, and which is formed by Ricardo Arenhaldt hotel Hilton Vaccari, Oscar Alfredo and Julio Rizzo, who is the first band to present itself. With roots in the South of Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, and the group traveling with the elegance and good mood, for different styles like xote, vanerão, chamamé, chacarera, the milonga and the ranchera.

The Brands in 2020

When you open the calendar of the company for a year, in the Trade Journal, which promotes, in collaboration with the Qualidata, with the presentation of one of the Marks of who is Who, the past 10 of march, in the Theater of the public accountant. There are 70 sectors investigated, and the three special prizes: the Image of the Brand Joyful of the Year, the State of the Innovative Brand Mark and the State of the Environment. The coverage will be in the JC from the morning of the 11th of march, and on the website of Last march 31, and the results are in a special notebook, encartada in the JC.

Academic of Tucuruvi

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The model slouch Marclio Martins Junior, paraded in the school of the Academic of Tucuruvi, in são Paulo,

The Dance of the Cup

Jose Of Light, Lu

Jose of the Light, the Lu, the Valley, and Maria Scorza on the Feast of the world Cup, in Rio de Janeiro


  • The owners of the Globe Years and Thiago Soares, the gear, the 6th day of march, on the feast of the opening of the house of the events of Park of 160, in the National. The issue is that A night in Paris, with a concert of the singer of the Band.
  • The Maneva, one of the most popular bands of the reggae scene on a national, does the show at the Pepsi on Stage”, the 11th day of July. The concert will be recorded to form part of the live DVD from Maneva 15 Years in Brazil.
  • The design of the Home Extended edition of 2020, it starts on the 7th day of march, in the House of Culture Mario Quintana. And, in this first presentation of the year, the guest is a musician of american jazz, Charlie Scaife arts.
  • This Saturday, the brazilian singer Gabriel Farías is the show in the most exclusive disco in the city of Passo Fundo, in the Mahai. Gabriel, in addition to the work of author, sings the great names of the cruise.