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If you are a fan of science fiction films, Netflix has a wide selection of games that will have you traveling through time, space and alternate dimensions.

Whether you’re a fan of time travel, alien invasions, rogue robots, or virtual reality, you’re sure to find a movie that’s right for you.

Below is the platform website so you can see them: Netflix.

Aster announcement

To Astra From James Gray tells the story of astronaut and space engineer Roy McBride (Brad Pitt), who crosses the solar system in search of his father Clifford (Tommy Lee Jones) disappeared for twenty years during a mission.

However, man discovers something that threatens the very survival of humanity and the entire solar system.

To Astra takes us through the solar system, but the real trajectory lies in exploring the human experience, searching for the meaning of life and counting on the creatures left behind.

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Destruction From Alex Garland tells the story of Lena(Natalie Portman)biologist and former military officer who is sent as part of a mission to find out what happened to her husband Kane (Oscar Isaac) in Area X, a zone characterized by alien phenomenon that is spreading along the American coast.

A dark atmosphere and an ominous sense of discovery are the hallmarks Destruction. The film also has moments of action, always accompanied by a constant sense of mystery.

Sleepy tone Destruction it’s finely tuned to keep us on our toes as we plunge into the chimerical world of horror and beauty of the alien anomaly.

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Interstellar From Christopher Nolan is the story of astronauts who leave a dying world behind in search of a new place beyond the stars where they can put down roots.

Exciting sci-fi premise and trappings Interstellar they are the shell that carries fundamental human dreams: a new home, the preservation of family ties and places, the continuity of the ancestry and culture of the human race.

Main cast Interstellar shines with its light like a star. From the main character Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), to his center of gravity, to his daughter Murphy (Jessica Chastain) to Amelia Brand (Ann Hataway).

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I’m a mother

I am Mother From Grant Spittore talks about a future where humanity is on the verge of extinction, and a robot is raising a girl (Clara Ruugaard) on a remote base to give people a second chance.

In this bunker we address the topic of the relationship between man and machine, the lies we tell our children and how they can protect or harm them.

I am Mother explores the concept of the greater good and compares two different views of motherhood.

If the film Netflix Science fiction teaches us a very specific lesson: one that mothers need to learn.


Paradise From Boris Kunz tells the story of a man working for a time-manipulating biotech company who discovers a dark backstory when a large debt forces his wife to give up forty years of her life.

Interesting mixture between During AND Children of men, Paradise lives its own identity, despite the presence of elements already seen in other films in this vein.

Sci-fi film directed by Netflix repeatedly emphasizes the consequences of each character’s sinful actions resulting from their initial decision to buy life; The expression that conveys this concept is “The severity of sin.”


oxygen From Alexander Azha this is a film about isolation, loss and an uncertain future.

Melanie Laurent she plays Liz Hansen, a doctor who wakes up in a cryogenic chamber with no memory of how she got there.

In fact, his memories seem completely confused and inconsistent. At first, she is not even sure of her name, professional or personal experience. As these memories begin to leak, he communicates with an onboard computer called MILO.

A system that only reacts does not think for itself and therefore cannot solve the problem on its own.

The essence oxygen It is existential in nature. Liz must guess who—or rather, what—she is; once this revelation is known, he will have to make a conscious choice whether to continue breathing.

The protagonist must ask the right questions to find out the truth, and all questions have an answer.


Paprika From Satoshi Kon based on the 1993 novel of the same name. Yasutaka Tsutsui.

Paprika is a virtual alter ego with which psychiatrist Atsuko enters other people’s dreams in order to improve them. But someone wants to derail his project. This animated film questions the relationship between subconscious and conscious dreams.

It tells us not only about the fantasies of dreams, but also about the fantasies of reality. It compares who we want/imagine ourselves to be and the person looking at us in the mirror.


Spider head From Joseph Kosinski It’s the story of two prisoners drugged by a scientist in a futuristic prison who band together to survive.

This is a film based on a novel Escape from Spider Head From George Saunders.

Chris Hemsworth plays the role of a scientist, and the main character of the story, Jeff, plays Miles Teller.

Spider head it is a critical reflection on prison, on punishment, on science and free will, on redemption and forgiveness.

Wandering Earth

Wandering Earth From Frant Gwo – an oriental blockbuster, the first Chinese science fiction epic.

History tells us that the Sun is dying and with the help of planetary engines they are trying to move the Earth to a new solar system.

Wandering Earth presents a classic setting disaster movie with dystopian elements.

The message of the film is that people win only if they maintain a critical spirit, the strength of humanity and free initiative, capable of triumphing even over an inexorable fate.

Jung E

Jung E From Yeon Sang Ho is the story of a post-apocalyptic future where a researcher clones his mother’s brain to stop a civil war.

A film about artificial intelligence, climate change and war. Mother-daughter relationships and healing.

In conclusion, a catalog of science fiction Netflix offers a wide range of different experiences, from epic space adventures to more intimate reflections on human and technological nature.

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