Science reveals why you shouldn’t sleep with your pet

However, after various scientific studies and the opinions of veterinary experts, a surprising conclusion was reached: pets are allowed to sleep in bed with their owners It can cause health problems and affect sleep quality.

he Spanish Sleep Institute A study was conducted showing that around 14% dogs and 33% cats In that country, they share a bed with their owners at night. However, the main concern lies in the possible transmission of diseases by such close coexistence.


About 250 zoonotic diseases are known, of which more than 100 can be transmitted between humans and pets (photo: profile).

about 250 known zoonotic diseasesin More than 100 viruses can spread between people and pets. Many of these diseases are spread through animal licking or close contact.The most common of these are Ringworm, roundworm, staph, and hookworm infections.

A joint study between US and Australian universities focused on sleep quality.they found sleeping with pets Directly affect the quality of human rest. Lack of space and constant surveillance of animals (especially dogs) can lead to disrupted sleep.

A survey conducted in 2021 scientific direct made similar findings. A survey of teens who sleep with pets revealed that one-third of respondents did not experience sleep disturbances.However, the most recognized waking up repeatedly during the night due to the movements of their furry companions.

Beyond impact on sleep quality, experts point to specific concerns for people with sleep disorders Allergies or respiratory problems. People with allergies or asthma should keep pets out of the room, advises Dr. Derek Damin of WebMD Consulting.

It’s okay to let your dog sleep on the bed if you don’t have allergiesDr Damien added. However, he believes that this decision needs to be reconsidered if sleep is affected.

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