Scientists from the University of Oxford to develop a vaccine against COVID-19, estimated to be ready in September


The work in the search for a treatment against the coronavirus (COVID-19) have not stopped, so that a vaccine to deal with this infection could be ready in September 2020.

It has been revealed Sarah Gilbertprofessor vacunología in the University of Oxford, who explained to the newspaper london The Timesthat his team of researchers has worked on a first version of the vaccine that will be ready to enter clinical trials within two weeks, in which trust has a 80 percent of chances of success.

“It’s not just a hunch, and as each week passes, we have more data to look at. I would go for the 80 per cent, that’s my personal opinion”, he explained.

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However, when it is possible vaccine, it must be subjected to a long process to check its effectiveness in different sectors of the population.

“In the first place, there is the need to make the vaccine for the clinical studies under strictly controlled conditions, certified and qualified, we need ethical approval and regulatory approval. Then the clinical trial can begin with 500 people in phase one. This is always in healthy adults between 18 and 55 years, and usually the primary reading of a study of phase one is the safety.

“Then we can do phase 2 looking at an age range wider, in this case we will increase the age range, from 55 to 70 years or more. We are looking for the safety in the older group, we expect to see immune responses to weaker”, said the vacunóloga.

It is worth mentioning that this group of researchers is only one of dozens around the world that works in a vaccine against the COVID-19; however, it has been emphasized in several occasions that the development of a treatment usually take years and that in the best of cases, could consist of 12 or 18 months.

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