Scientists provide a new projection on to the coronavirus


The president Andrés Manuel López Obrador he announced that this Thursday, the experts, scientists, mathematicians, and doctors will give a new projection on the coronavirus in Mexico.

In his press conference in National Palace, the Chief Executive pointed out that according to the reports he has received has helped me a lot in general terms, 55% of the population is staying in your house.

“You said that Mexico is one of the countries in the world with less political illiteracy, that is helping us a lot, because the spread is again horizontal, smoothed the curve”.

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“On Thursday, the scientists and doctors, we are going to give the new projection”.

The governor said he is optimistic and that’s based on reports from Twitter and Google on mobility.

“If we continue like this there will be the possibility to fulfill the project as of 17 may, in some regions of the country where there have been no cases of the infection, in more than a thousand, with care, that in those municipalities, we can achieve the back-to-school and economic normality”.


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