Scooter Braun, who is he and why the stars leave him

Over the past few hours, the name of Scooter Braun, a 1981 New York City historical manager and entrepreneur who has represented artists of the caliber of Martin Garrix, Kanye West, J Balvin, Ariana Grande over the years with his agency SB Projects , Justin Bieber. , Demi Lovato, Quavo , Ava Max, Black Eyed Peas, is becoming more insistent on the pages of the media. Cause? Many stars – including the aforementioned J Balvin (now represented by Roc Nation Jay-Z), Ariana (it’s not yet clear if she is cutting all business ties with Brown), Demi and Justin – are slowly leaving his agency.. The question that wanders the corridors of the music industry is apparently only one: what is going on between Scooter Braun and his artists?

Scooter Braun and Ariana Grande relationship

Judging by Scooter Braun’s reaction, it seems like the answer is “nothing” as the businessman posted a rather ironic tweet on X (good old Twitter, to be clear). “Breaking news,” the post reads, “I am no longer my own manager.” However, Scooter Braun’s noise during the hurricane (the so-called exodus of his artists) raised even more suspicion as to the circumstances of this separation. Meanwhile, about the lack of transparency regarding artists who will still follow. While in reality Brown claims to still represent Ariana Grande, a source close to the star confirmed to Billboard the pop star’s relaxation by her manager (albeit on friendly terms), with whom differences were already felt in 2016 when the singer fired him. . However, they returned to cooperation soon after, only to say goodbye again in the last few days. Or so it seems.

Alleged breakup with Justin Bieber

However, the most startling fact is what is associated with the name of Justin Bieber, discovered by Scooter Braun in 2008. Since then, not a single pop star album has been released that was not created in collaboration with his historical manager. But now everything seems to have changed.

Rumors are again contradictory: on the one hand, Justin Bieber is still managed by Brown. With another Sources close to the artist told People that he is working on new music without the supervision of his agent and that they have not spoken in almost a year.. A few days ago, Puck News’ Matthew Belloni reported that Bieber was looking to get out of Scooter Braun’s agency despite still having a contract.

Demi Lovato also ended her relationship with Scooter Braun

On August 21, Billboard reported that Scooter Braun and Demi Lovato had ended their four-year relationship. Even for the former Disney Channel starlet, the breakup would have gone well, so much so that Scooter publicly wished Demi a happy birthday a few days earlier, and she said she was grateful for her time on SB Projects.

Before her, J Balvin left in May, and Idina Menzel almost nine months ago, so their departure does not seem to have anything to do with what is happening now.

Discord with Taylor Swift

However, the collapse of the Scooter Braun empire allegedly began due to the breakup of his relationship with Taylor Swift in 2016. According to, that same year, Justin Bieber posted a photo on Instagram with Scooter Braun and Kanye West, the nemesis of the record-breaking singer Brown was managing, with the caption “Taylor Swift, what’s up.” This greatly angered Taylor, who saw the gesture as a way to taunt and intimidate her. Three years later, when Scooter Braun bought Big Machine (Taylor’s former label) and with it all of the artist’s master recordings from 2006 to 2017., the pop star thought solidified to become the subject of a famous Tumblr post. “This takeover was the worst-case scenario for me,” Taylor wrote, calling Brown “a manipulative bully.”

Problem? The fact is that Taylor was unable to return his works, which remained in the hands of Scooter Braun, and that he had to re-record in order not to pay more than $ 300 million for the return of the originals. Since that time, Scooter Braun’s reputation has certainly been damaged, so much so that Insider called him “the most ruthless man in the industry”and Taylor Swift in Vigilante Shit allegedly made some not-too-veiled references to some of his troubles with the FBI, though there’s no evidence that Scooter ran into trouble with the feds other than a fraud charge in a $200 million lawsuit in 2021. .

However, the reasons for the gap with the leading horses of his stable are still vague, and we suspect that they will be so for a long time to come. Will other artists leave your agency? Will Ariana, Demi and Justin give explanations? We are waiting for updates.

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