Scorpion sting: prevention and medical care


SCORPION STING. Everything there is to know about it.

Due to the high temperatures, the Municipality puts into consideration the measures that should be taken into account to prevent the scorpion sting and the recommendations in case someone has been bitten.


Regarding personal protection, it is important to check and shake clothing and footwear before use, shake bedding before going to bed or putting a baby or child to bed, and avoid walking barefoot in areas where the presence of scorpions is known .

To protect the interior spaces of the houses, it is important to place weatherstripping or woven wire (mosquito net) on doors and windows, room and toilet drains, and any other space that can use grates.

It is necessary to control the inlets and outlets of pipes, openings and crevices; plastering the walls; repair cracks in floors, walls and ceilings and maintain control of underground chambers, pipes, basements, elevator shafts and wall cavities.

Likewise, the dwelling and its surroundings must be ordered periodically; carry out garbage controls to reduce the number of insects (crickets and cockroaches) that feed scorpions; avoid accumulation of construction materials, rubble, firewood, litter because they are usually places where they are kept, conserved and dispersed. In case you have to collect this waste, it is important to avoid doing it with your hands.

On the other hand, it is remembered that chickens, toads and cats are predators by nature of scorpions.


Scorpions commonly shelter in cracks in walls, under boxes, cardboard, stacks of bricks, tiles, wood, and cracks in the ground. They have the ability to remain for months without moving, which makes the chemical treatment ineffective. The use of household insecticides many times causes an irritant action, stripping them of their shelters and increasing the risk of accidents. For all this, environmental regulation is the best prevention measure.


Finally, in case of being bitten by a scorpion, the children must be transferred immediately to the Jaime Ferré Hospital. Meanwhile, it is recommended that adults consult their doctor, especially if they are people with hypertension or diabetes.

Meanwhile, ice can help soothe the pain of the bite.

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