Scott Disick and Sofia Richie tronaron after three years of relationship


The definitive separation of this couple came weeks after it was made public that the actor of “Flip It Like Disick” and the model were “on a break” by the recent entry of Scott a rehabilitation center of Colorado.

“Scott is in a place right at this moment. He is trying to improve and focus on the work, but you have to prove your courage”said a source to Us Weekly.

Disick had been seeking treatment for “past trauma”, including the death of their parents, but retired from the rehabilitation center hours after filtraran pictures of him in the premises. Currently, the actor is single and is in the process of recovery.

According to reports from the entertainment portal E! Newsthe tv reality star and influencer “not separated due to fights or something bad has passed between them” but that simply Richie wants to make his own life, while Scott wants to take care of your health.