Scott Disick said he is willing to change after leaving a rehabilitation center


Sofia and Scott carried out a couple of years (IG: sofiarichie)
Sofia and Scott carried out a couple of years (IG: sofiarichie)

Scott Disick went to rehab in All Points North Lodge (APN), in Colorado, last Tuesday, April 28; however, after photos of him within the center filtraran to the tabloids this past Monday, decided to leave.

But this does not mean that the tv reality star is not involved with their mental well-being, but quite the opposite. According to what a source reported to the magazine People, Disick is focused on enhancing to be a better man and father” but after that her pictures were given to the press, had to move out of NPC because that “is not a safe place for him.”

“You need to be safe and secure. You need to be somewhere private where you can work on the things that prevent you from being who you want to be. Can’t get there if you’re not sure, that’s why it was”, explained the source to the magazine.

The source added that Disick despite being outside of the center, is working in itself, and analyzing what will be their next steps.

Sofia Richie suggested that he seek help (IG: sofiarichie)
Sofia Richie suggested that he seek help (IG: sofiarichie)

“But that does not mean that he is not doing something. Is studying its next steps. Is speaking with many people who can provide health, psychological, emotional, physical and spirituall. You know that you need the four”, he added.

In previous years the problems of the former couple Kourtney Kardashian were documented on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, where he showed his alcohol addiction, but in more recent years seemed to be that they had control over the situation. And, according to the source, Disick is not as bad as before, but you do need help to overcome some of the addictive behaviors.

“You need to be able to heal. Have a lot of pain and it is drifting at this time. Wants to be the man and the father for which it was created, but are running short at this time. So who was in charge of that. He I needed help. And it is really unfortunate that it has been pursued outside of the rehabilitationas it happened, he described.

The source added that the same Disick has admitted he has a “personality addictive and that you have problems to handle some of their demons”, so he decided to enter the APN. However, the family Kardashian showed her affection towards him with your support.

Kardashian and Disick had three children together (Photo: Grosby Group)
Kardashian and Disick had three children together (Photo: Grosby Group)

His family could not support him more. All what they want and they want it to improveand that includes all. The whole family Kardashian is on your side, and wants to change things. Have a support system, no matter what happens,” said the source.

The report of the Daily Mail he said that the 36-year old man went to rehab because he had relapsed in his addiction of alcohol and drugs. But this version was contradicted by the lawyer Disick, Marty Singer.

“In an effort to finally reach an agreement and deal with the pain that Scott has been suffering in silence for many years due to the sudden death of his mother, followed by the death of his father 3 months later, Scott took the decision to register in a rehabilitation center last week to work on his past trauma. There was no abuse of alcohol or cocaine. Surprisingly as a result of the violation of the installation of the privacy, withdrew, and returned immediately home. We are alarmed by this invasion extreme privacy and we plan to take legal action immediate,” Singer said in a statement People.

Scott Disick was a partner of Kourtney Kardashian for more than 10 years. With she had her children Mason of 10 years, Penelope 7 and Reign of 5. After their separation, Disick has maintained a relationship with the daughter of Lionel Richie, Sofia Richie.


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