Scott Disick’s Daughter Encouraging Him to Date Younger Women Is Uncomfortable

Scott Disick, 40, has a long history of dating younger women. From his 14-year age gap with Bella Thorne during their 2017 fling to his 15-year age gap with Sofia Richie when they dated on and off for three years until 2020 (very much her pre-Grange era ) – this is rarely seen in reality. Scott is his age when it comes to dating.

As recently as 2022, he had a brief romance with Scottish model Rebecca Donaldson, who is 13 years his junior, but it was his relationship with 19-year-old Amelia Hamlyn (when he was 38) that caused the most controversy at the conference. time. Scott Disick, who is now single, is a major storyline in the latest series of The Kardashians, and his preference for younger women has even been noted by his 11-year-old daughter Penelope.

After Kris Jenner suggested going to a matchmaker for Scott, Khloe Kardashian asked Penelope, “What qualities should we look for in a girl?”

“Older,” she says immediately, but when Khloe admits that Scott wants a woman over 20, Penelope is quick to respond: “No, 20?” You’re 40! You won’t date someone 19 years old.” What was Scott’s response to his daughter’s request not to date the teenager? A very creepy “I would… but it’s not pretty.”

The clip has since gone viral on social media, with many questioning the message Scott is sending his daughter, telling her that he would be dating someone just 8 years older than her if it weren’t for the optics. Also, why does an 11 year old have to hold his father accountable for his awkward dating behavior?

“Telling your 11 year old daughter that you would date someone 8 years older than her but it’s ‘ugly’ is crazy and he should really be ashamed of what she noticed about him.” But I think the shameless cannot be shamed,” author Bolu Babalola tweeted in response to the video.

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