Scott Henderson inaugurates the Bebop Club in Palermo with four concerts | Double performances today Thursday and tomorrow Friday

Scott henderson He returns to Buenos Aires and to the event that in itself means his presence, a special seasoning is added this time: the presentation in society of the Bebop Club of Palermo, a new space for creative music in the heart of the night city. The Thursday and Friday, in Uriarte 1658, the contemporary jazz-rock guitar hero will offer concerts at 8:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., along with Alejandro Herrera on bass and Fernando Martínez on drums. With them Henderson had played in 2017, in his penultimate visit to Buenos Aires, before in 2019 he returned to present the songs of People Mover, his latest album, with drummer Alan Hertz and Romain Labaye on bass. “It is always interesting to collaborate with other musicians, no matter where they are from, and it fills me with anticipation to reissue this argentinian threesome”, Affirms to Page 12.

Own themes and excuses for personal developments based on classics from the quarries of Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Horace Silver, Billy Cobham and Don Grolnick, for example, they will be part of an open program that, between the borders of jazz and rock, never ceases to provide surprises. “There is always a musician sitting in the audience, so hopefully we will have some guests at the show,” warns the guitarist. “I enjoy playing original music, I’m playing my music all the time, that’s why going back to the classics is always a pleasant exercise for me. The music I write tends to be more complex than the standards, which I have known for much longer. So in these presentations they will leave greater margins for improvisation ”, imagine.

-In terms of freedom, is the trio the best suited to your playing?

-The trio is a format I’m very used to, but like all of them it has its advantages and disadvantages. When I play bass and drums I miss the interaction with the keyboards and horns, but I really enjoy the challenge of having to take care of the harmonic and melodic part on the guitar. I have been part of many bands oriented since the keyboards, where I could not play the chords much. It was great to play with brilliant keyboardists like Joe Zawinul and Scott Kinsey, I learned a lot from them and so many others, but for someone who likes to experiment with harmony as much as I do, it got a little boring at times. I love playing in a trio, it’s always fun, especially when another guitarist or trumpeter appears to expand the proposal.

-How do you like to balance improvisation and arrangements in your music?

-It depends. I remember when I played with Chick Corea in the solos it was improvised, but everything else was completely arranged. And it was what those themes needed. I also have songs that are structured, but I have others that are more open, so that every night they sound different. I am concerned about striking a good balance between more relaxed songs to improvise and more structured ones. Structure is supposed to ensure a degree of perfection, but there are times when we don’t go for the perfect but for the creative. In Buenos Aires creativity will be the great objective. From my music I brought the most open themes, because I want to experiment with what happens to them live and from there see how I could improve them for recording.

-You had numerous musical experiences in which you expressed forms of blues, rock and jazz. Which side is your music playing for today?

-I think I’m one of the few musicians who can honestly say not having a favorite type of music. All I care about is trying to improve the quality of my writing and my performance. Style is not that important to me anymore, what comes out is what comes out.

-Part of your musical activity has to do with teaching. What do you think is the most important thing for a young guitarist to know?

-It does not have to do exclusively with the guitar, because the most important thing in music applies to all instruments. It is important to know how to express, how to get a good topic and how to tell a good story. The rest matters little.

– The unavoidable question in these times has to do with covid-19: did the pandemic influence your way of thinking and making music?

-It did not influence my music, but it did influence the way I earn a living. And a lot. I couldn’t tour for almost two years, so I had to start teaching online. This is definitely not my favorite activity, but I am grateful to have had that resource to earn what I need to support my family. On the other hand, the lack of activity during the pandemic allowed me to compose the music for a new album. So we’ll be playing that new music in 2022 and hopefully recording it sometime in early 2023.

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