‘Scott Pilgrim’ will have a new adaptation on Netflix in the form of an anime series with its original creator

‘Scott Pilgrim’, the hit graphic novel series that was adapted into an Edgar Wright film, will come to know a new version, this time as an anime series according to The Hollywood Reporter. Netflix and UCP, the division of the Universal Studio Group behind ‘The Umbrella Academy’ and ‘Chucky’, are developing the new adaptation, which still does not have a green light, predictably until the pilot is approved to continue with the rest of the episodes. .

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Bryan Lee O’Malley, the artist-creator of the Scott Pilgrim comics, will write the series and is the executive producer. with BenDavid Grabinski, the showrunner behind the great revival of the series ‘The Midnight Club’ (Are You Afraid of the Dark ?, 2019-) on Nickelodeon. The two will host the series should it go forward, with anime house Science SARU in charge of animation work, with Eunyoung Choi serving as producer and Abel Gongora as director.

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All six volumes of the comics were published by Oni Press between 2004 and 2010, not only becoming independent comic book hits, but also an editorial phenomenon that broke into the mainstream, selling millions of copies. Bringing graphic novels to anime form is an acknowledgment of their Japanese roots, as O’Malley’s great influence on his work was various manga, using a similar drawing style.

Scott Pilgrim Vs Acrylic By A New Power D31nj6c

While it garnered rave reviews, the film was a box office failure upon release in 2010, but would go on to become a cult hit over the next decade. The members behind it are also associated for the anime version. Wright and his producing partner, Nira Park, will receive executive producer credits along with Marc Platt, Jared LeBoff and Adam Seigel of Marc Platt Productions, and Michael Bacall.

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