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With a series of films called screamhorror director Wes Craven gives the movie a new iconic killer named Ghostface because of the distinctive mask he wears. The protagonist of four films, the character is still one of the key figures in the thriller, and the series helped redefine the characteristics of the genre, marking a transition point within it. In particular, these titles helped revive the success slasher, films in which a homicidal maniac preys on a group of people. Arrival from scream Therefore, in the cinema of 1996 there was a real revolution.

With Craven’s death in 2015, the movie saga seemed destined to end at chapter four. Scream 4, came out in 2011. For a whole decade, despite various attempts to make a new film, it seemed that this was the fate of the saga. Until the directors came Matt Bettinelli-Olpin AND Tyler Gillettealready installed with slasher Until the death separates us. So these two made sure to display the script written by James Vanderbilt AND Guy Basikthus not only returning Ghostface to the big screen, but also opening up a new phase of the saga.

New scream (review here) actually forgoes the number in the title to take the form of a chapter that, while in dialogue with the past, looks to the future, adopting the rules of previous films in order to betray and renew them. News that allowed the film to establish itself as a real success, thereby returning the saga to fashion. However, before embarking on a vision of the film, it will be useful to delve into some of the curiosities associated with it. By continuing to read here, you will find additional details related to plot and etc. cast. Finally, the main ones will also be listed streaming platforms containing the movie in their catalog.

Plot scream

It’s been 25 years since the Woodsboro, California massacre and ten years since the last Ghostface showcase. But, despite the seeming newfound calm, it really seems that the city is not destined to live in peace. In fact, a new series of crimes is rocking the country and the investigations are starting to get so complicated that the new sheriff Judy Hicksprevious, that is Dewey Rileyand his wife Gale they decide to contact Sydney Prescottwho, like them, managed to stay alive in previous massacres. They hope Sydney can help them figure out who is behind some of the horrific murders and who is the serial killer behind the Ghostface mask.

The woman returns to her hometown, which continues to record more and more victims every day, and it seems that this time the killer’s sights were on young local residents. In particular, they Samantha “Sam” Carpenter and her younger sister Tara be constantly attacked, in how many daughters Billy Loomis, the original Ghostface. Together with a guy Richie and trusted Chad, Mindy, Amber AND Wes, but also with the help of Sydney, Gale and Dewey, Samantha will try to identify the killer before it’s too late. But what if the killer turns out to be one of his true friends?

Scream cast (1)

Cast members scream

As Sidney Prescott again Neve Campbell, who was initially hesitant to return to the saga, largely due to Craven’s absence. However, she was eventually convinced by a letter the two new directors wrote to her, in which they told her of their deep love and respect for the saga. Then the actors also return Courteney Cox AND David Arquette starring Gale and Dewey, and Marley Shelton plays Sheriff Judy Hicks. Skeet Ulrich appears as the ghost of Billy Loomis, while in the original language, the voice in Ghostface’s phone is trusted again Roger L. Jackson.

However, the real hero of the film is the actress. Melissa Barrera, who plays Sam Carpenter despite being about ten years older than Sam’s planned 23 years. Before becoming very popular thanks to the series Wednesday, Jenna Ortega she declared herself thanks to this film, where she plays Tara Carpenter. Actors are also present. Jasmine Savoy Brown as Mindy Meeks-Martin Mason Gooding in those of his brother Chad. Dylan Minnette plays Wes and Mikey Madison Amber Freeman, Tara’s best friend. Actor Jack Quaidknown today for his role as Hughie Campbell on the TV series boysinstead, Richie Kirsch, Sam’s boyfriend.

Continuation screamtrailer and where to watch the movie streaming

Given the success of the film and the emergence of new characters, the sixth chapter of the saga will be released in 2023. Creek VI (review here). This new feature film brings additional changes to the franchise, starting with the setting. In fact, we are moving from Woodsboro to New York for the first time, to the new Ghostface murder theater. This is also the first film in which Sidney Prescott does not appear, as Campbell has said that she is no longer interested in being part of the saga. Therefore, we will focus on the new characters introduced in the previous film, who are now the protagonists. The even greater economic outcome of this sixth chapter has now also opened the door for further continuation.

enjoy scream thanks to its presence on some of the most popular streaming platforms on the web today. It’s actually available in catalogs Chile Cinema, Google Play, Paramount+, Prime Video AND Netflix. On the latest platform, it is currently located at 1st in the Top 10 Most Viewed Movies in Italy. To see it, after choosing the reference platform, it is enough to rent an individual movie or subscribe to a general subscription. Thus, you will be able to watch it in complete comfort and in the best video quality.

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