Scream VI: Ghostface Strikes Again premieres on Sky and streams NOW

Following extraordinary success at the box office, Scream VI – the latest chapter in the slasher horror saga – will be broadcast tonight, September 9, for the first time on Sky. Confronting Ghostface, we find Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega.

Scream VI – the latest chapter in Wes Craven’s slasher-horror saga – took box office theaters around the world last March, becoming one of the franchise’s most prolific entries. Exactly six months after its debut in Italian cinemas, the feature film will be released on air. this evening September 09 – V first shown on Sky Cinema Unoat 21:15 and it will be then available streaming NOW and on demand catalogue.. While fighting Ghostface, we meet the two main characters Scream (5)Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera.

Scream VI – Plot and cast of the new chapter of the franchise

Four Survivors of New Woodsboro Massacre, Sisters Sam and Tara Carpenter and twins Chad and Mindy Meeks-Martinthey are moving to NY leave what happened behind. Tara, Chad and Mindy then begin attending college, having managed – at least at first – to forget their past. However, when new Ghost Face begins to haunt them, the four boys will have to find a way to survive again.

Taking on the roles of the two main characters, Sam and Tara Carpenter, we discover respectively Jenna Ortega AND Melissa Barrera. Ortegaface Wednesday Addams in Tim Burton’s Netflix series, she then continues her journey into modern horror cinema, in which she has become the new scream queen with titles such as Beyond Evil – Insidious 2, Nanny – Killer Queen And X: A Sexy Horror Story. The young star is also expected to star in an indie film Death of a UnicornA24 and Paul Rudd, as well as Trey Edwards Schultz’s new project – still without an official title – in which he will share a set with Barry Kogan and vocalist The Weeknd. Melissa Barreraafter debut in Dreaming in New York is at its bestwill be the main character Carmen Benjamin Millepied – a modern adaptation of the work of the same name by Georges Bizet with Paul Mescal – horror The same one and a film about one of the Universal Monsters, without an official title yet, filmed by the Radio Silence team – consisting of directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett and from the manufacturer Chad Vilella. This project will be the third collaboration between Melissa Barrera and the two directors behind the camera. Scream (5) AND Scream VI. The script was written by Guy Busick and James Vanderbilt. Then they complete the cast Scream VI some historical faces of the franchise, accompanied by some new entries: Courteney Cox (Gail Weathers) Hayden Panettiere – reprising his role as Kirby Reed, who appeared in Scream 4 -, Dermot MulroneyMason Gooding, Jasmine Savoy Brown, Roger L. Jackson, Devin Nekoda, Josh Segarra, Jack Champion, Liana Liberato, Tony Revolori, Samara Weaving and Henry Czerny. However, Neve Campbell and David Arquette are absent for the first time since the franchise began. So let’s meet tonight, come on Skyfor an exciting evening.

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