“Sculpture”. What would the series have been like if it had been filmed by Amy Seimetz? – news

Sculpture ended earlier than expected (with five episodes instead of the scheduled six) and with that HBO kicked off a bracket full of all kinds of controversy and commentary on the web.

As is known, in fact, the series of Sam Levinson Almost a complete rewrite of the original footage, which was originally directed by Amy Seimetz, then came a decision abel tesfaye aka weekendThe series’ male protagonist reportedly complained of an overabundance of “female perspective” in the story. So Levinson, a former producer on the series, took over as director. The rest is history: Investigation Rolling stone Tesfaye’s response via social media, question-and-answer with reporters at the premiere and press conference, on the show’s content and discontent of a portion of the crew.

right on the croisette, levinson said so Sculpture It was going to be the biggest and most talked about show of the summer. It’s certainly been talked about on social media, but more talked about The Weeknd’s questionable actor performance than the series itself.

Now, new set photos from the first installment of the series show us what it would have been like Sculpture If Sam Levinson hadn’t intervened and distorted Amy Seimetz’s work.

In the original version, we were supposed to get a glimpse into Jocelyn’s (Lily Rose-Depp) childhood. Besides looking at the pictures, Sculpture Its mood would have been completely different. From the official synopsis, Amy Seimetz’s series will propose a “satire of fame” while delving deeper into the lives of its protagonists.

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