Sea wolf dies from bird flu

Sea Lions of Tierra del Fuego

Sea Lions of Tierra del Fuego

This discovery occurred in Seven of the 21 sea lions found in Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, were dead. Due to suspected high mortality in the sea lion population, samples were sent to the SENASA National Laboratory, which tested positive for H5 avian influenza. So far, two previous suspicions have been confirmed in sea lions, with negative results.

The discovery is part of a nationwide surveillance and prevention campaign to prevent the spread of the disease, Emergency declaration for highly pathogenic avian influenza based on SENASA resolution 147/2023. The main goal is to keep the country’s poultry free of the disease.

For this situation, andl SENASA, in cooperation with the provincial government and the city of Rio Grande, established a monitoring committee to implement control and containment measures in the affected areas.
In addition, health agencies continue to work closely with different regions, as well as national, provincial, municipal organizations and production sectors, as they remain on alert for the behavior and forms of disease transmission and transmission. Disease.

It should be emphasized that, As a precaution, access to and approach to the coast of the Rio Grande Reserve where sea lions have stranded. Corresponding samples have been collected and sent to Buenos Aires for analysis.

Based on international experience, marine mammals may be susceptible to avian influenza. Although this rarely happens, they can also become infected. Countries in the region, including Peru and Chile, have also reported other positive cases.In June this year, Puerto Williams, ChileSouth American sea lions (Otaria flavescens) infected with avian influenza appeared.

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