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Seagate Exos Corvault storage is self-healing

Seagate Technology this week unveiled an interesting large data storage system, according to the manufacturer, “designed to simplify seamless data management and reduce human intervention in the macro-periphery and data center.” Exos Corvault’s high storage density is said to deliver performance at the storage area network (SAN) level. Exos Corvault is built on an industry-leading architecture that includes Seagate’s 6th generation VelosCT controllers, ADAPT data protection technology, and ADR offline recovery.

The 4U chassis accommodating 106 Seagate Exos SAS hard drives are optimized for performance with protection against vibration, acoustic noise, overheating, and power failures. The new storage system claims 99.999% availability.

The aforementioned Seagate VelosCT-based dual storage controller optimizes the parallel operation of all drives, while Seagate Advanced Distributed Autonomic Protection Technology (ADAPT) provides advanced protection and fast data recovery without sacrificing performance by distributing data across drives. ADR is said to bring most failed drives back to a reliable operating state by reconfiguring to work around the failed components, eliminating the need for manual replacement.

The Seagate Exos Corvault will begin shipping in July.

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