Sean Paul lands in Rome on the only Italian leg of the World Tour: an event not to be missed!

Famed dancehall ruler and Jamaican rapper Sean Paul entered the music scene back in 1996 with the single “Baby Girl”. Since then, he has consistently topped the international charts, thanks to the exceptional success of Stage One and a triumphant comeback with Dutty Rock.

His creative career was enriched by numerous prestigious collaborations featuring some of music’s most colorful icons, including Beyoncé, Rihanna, Eva, Enrique Iglesias, Basta Rhymes and Dua Lipa.

The famous king of the dancehall and the famous Jamaican rapper Sean Paul will arrive in Italy on September 8 in Rome, the charming venue of Cinecittà World, to give an extraordinary performance. This outstanding a musical event a grandiose big band and an ensemble of 18 talented dancers ready to impress the audience in the luxurious setting of Piazza delle Fontane, located in the heart of the park.

Sean Paul’s unmistakable voice, infectious rhythms and international sound of productions form a magical blend that has attracted attention since his birth in Jamaica back in 1973. This artist Award-winning, also Grammy Award-winningachieved international fame in 2002 with the resounding success of his second album “Dutty Rock” with songs such as “Give Me Light” AND “Be busy” which devastated the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Before the long-awaited concert of the Jamaican star, the audience will have the opportunity to warm up with an immersive spectacle. DJ set by Ludovica Paganione of the most celebrated female DJs in the Italian music scene, as well as a radio program host. “House of Pagani, 105” on Radio 105.

After the musical performance of the king of the dancehall Sean Paul, the party will not stop! After the start Señorita party accompanied by Radio Mambo DJ set, that will keep you dancing until dawn, offering non-stop entertainment and music.

Here is the program of the event:

11.00 am: Opening of the park with 40 exciting rides, shows, pools and entertainment.

18.00: Opening of the event venue in the magnificent Piazza delle Fontane.

19:30-21:00: Pre-show featuring amazing singers and dancers.

21.00 – 22.00: DJ set by Ludovica Pagani, whose talent will make you dance non-stop.

22.30 – 00.00: LIVE PERFORMANCE BY SEAN PAUL, which will take you to the world of unforgettable music.

After midnight, the After Party continues until 4.00 am with Party Señorita, a charming Radio Mambo DJ set and more.

Get ready for an amazing musical experience with Sean Paul, King of Dancehall, and dance the night away at Señorita party and Radio Mambo DJ set!

NEWS SOURCE: Press service of the artist

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