Sean Paul, rapper in concert at Cinecittà World as part of the only Italian leg of his world tour.

He fills dance floors around the world with his pop-infused ballroom frenzy. Sean Paul, Jamaican multi-millionaire rapper.chose Rome as the only Italian scene of his “World Tour”. The meeting will take place on Friday, September 8 at 9 pm at Cinecittà World. On stage, Mr. “Shake That Thing” will not be alone, he will have a big band with him, as well as an army of dancers who dance and twerk.

Born in Jamaica

Born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1973.Parents, both champion swimmers, Paul prefers sound to water. Influenced by the hard work of Bob Marley, grows up listening to the infectious melodies of Michael Jackson mixed with Caribbean tones. He begins to write his poetry, following the sounds of modern dancehall and early reggae. “I’ve always been freestyle, writing rhymes and a few songs. I was busy with vocals on any track,” he said several times. Bandana and executive braids on the head in her lyrics, she sings about women, nightclubs and liberated sexuality. He is inspired by euphoric parties in his early twenties. Dutty Rockthe second album, which in 2002 turned his career into an ascent, is built on intoxicating riddims, a Jamaican atmosphere and elements of R&B and hip-hop.

Songs with a catchy chorus

Author’s songs with a catchy chorus, for example Be busywhich topped the Billboard Hot 100, and energetic give me light, like glue AND I still love you. In 2004 he also won Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album.. “I wanted to write about social differences and injustice. in Kingston because that’s what I experienced,” he said in an interview with The keeper — but people made up songs about boys and girls parties. They wanted to have their own experience.”

Paul represents the dance hall to a global audience. A wave that has become a cultural movement full of style, imagery, body movements and traditions that goes beyond the Caribbean island. A deep imprint that can leave a mark on the lives of other musicians, fans of the genre. Heavyweights like Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber and rapper Drake.. Twenty-one years later and a lot of accolades, Paul hasn’t lost his momentum. At fifty, he experiments. Mix reggae and dancehall with Dominican dembow and Latin American sounds. Play with notes and fast rhythms.

His songs for collective liberation

“Dancehall is a very important part of my life, my way of expressing myself, my ego and my daily thoughts. It allows me to tell the world who I am,” is how he defined his music and personality. He is the father of two children, six-year-old Levi Blaze and three-year-old Remy. — his artistic vision is clear: to exalt simplicity and pleasure without much difficulty, enjoying the moment. With vibrant songs that promote collective liberation.

Gold chains and designer clothes

Pure euphoria that explodes on the faces of the audience when Gender – gold chains around the neck and designer clothes – in the spotlight. And he fires up the atmosphere with performances supported by raised arms and pelvic gyrations, like a viral TikTok challenge. Live, they follow each other, one after the other: Temperature, Do not lie (recorded with pop star Dua Lipa) AND She does not mind AND crazy love and unedited Amount Hot. After years of big hits, the YouTube- and classic-catalogue artist is still the banner and protector of dancehall culture in the chaos of mainstream music.

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