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If you made a list of the best guitarists in this century, John Mayer would surely be in the top five. And no, this is not a joke. Perhaps the composer of Connecticut, the united States, does not possess the spirit rock that is expected of a guitar hero; however, his way of making music has become a seal of guarantee that it always exhibits creativity, talent and reinvention. It is for this reason that attention is called to the launch of The search for everything wave one and wave two, two materials of short duration which marks the return of the musician.
Both EPs are preceded Born and raised (2012) and Paradise valley (2013), album of long duration that Mayer let go of his career as a pop to be found more in the folk, resulting in the production more mature is also a performer. However, taken so seriously does not always provide health and emotions, by what Johnny boy down a few “hairlines” to the formality to deliver a project pop enjoying a lot of emotion.
So, John Mayer takes it as inspiration for these productions, the love, the warmth that radiates into the body when you have this feeling, as well as the desolation to end a relationship and, therefore, extinguish the flame. Some may relate it with their ex-partners (from Taylor Swift to Katy Perry), but Johnny boy manages to give the right tone so that nobody feels alluded to.
We begin Wave one with the amazing “Moving on and getting over”, which shows us the sense of rupture that ensues consequent change that should be pursued to overcome a person. The first step to do this: say goodbye definitive for the body to be released from his bonds. In the end, experience will tell us that we are not the same as before.
“You’re gonna live forever in me”, for its part, complements all the ideas about love expressed in this first part. In the end, this feeling is surrounded by the beautiful mistakes that make us grow as people and even though sometimes relationships do not last, they can become memories that atesoraremos forever… unless everything has been a reverend mie$%/.
While the first part deals with the change and I remember after a break-up, Wave two is responsible for the rebirth, the restart of the love life. “Still feel like your man” teaches that despite the length of time one can still feel part of a relationship complete with details as simple as keep a blouse, a toothbrush or shampoo of the former partner.
So, in the end we have the great “Helpless”, which, as its name indicates, is dedicated to all those who have no remedy and we will always be looking for love, whether just around the corner, the last corner of the planet, or in an album by John Mayer.
The search of everything wave one and wave two are a successful return of John Mayer, who seeks to graduate summa cum laude in the fields of music and love. Although from a long time ago dedicated to the folk music, the combination that made this genre with the pop is an adequate exercise and fun that leaves you wanting more. Perhaps the search is not allowed Mayer to find everything, but the treasure that abounds here is more than enough.

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