Sebastian Yatra will spread his “Bacana Energy” with Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo

Those who have closely followed the career of the Colombian singer-songwriter Sebastian Yatra They placed a great deal of emphasis on the “cool energy” he exudes on stage, when performing his songs, and how they perceive this energy in their daily lives through social networks.

When explaining what “cool” means, it’s summarized as when you have a cool moment, which ranges from sharing and having a nice conversation with my friends, to having coffee and a walk in the morning, but that list doesn’t make it as if it describes him Live in moments of “calm energy” and that’s the end of it.

Therefore, the Medellín-based artist wanted to capture more personal lyrics in his new single “Energía Bacana,” Launching on Friday 15th September, How he feels now focuses on the love he experienced when he was 28 years old.


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“My songs are beautiful and they represent my life, how I feel inside and the people I meet. “The song is about what love is in this moment and that beautiful, pure love that makes you Uplift, cheer you up. “two-time nominee Grammy and two-time champion latin grammy.

For the visual part of his new proposal, he was able to identify the relationship between the song and the Portuguese football star cristiano ronaldo and a famous businesswoman and model with Spanish and Argentinian nationalities, Georgina Rodriguez.

“They’re two people who support each other, love each other, and have a super wonderful family. It’s great that they’re helping me show the world what this song and this cool energy carries,” He pointed out the sounds of “Devuélveme el corazón” and “Couple of the Year”.

Yatra has previously worked as a director on some productions such as “Tacones rojo” and “Tarde”, but he once again plays his role as co-director of this song, making Georgina the protagonist of the story.

“The video features Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s something I never imagined, in fact, it’s something that just happened naturally. Joe loved the song and I appear in the video coaching her. I mean, this is your video. It’s like it’s an extension of his series “I Am Georgina,” but now it has a music video and I just helped him score it a little bit. I’m so excited to share this project with her. “I think this is going to have a lot of connections with people on Earth,” He said.

The band “Las Queridas” passed on Netflixalso part of the singer’s video, in which he noted that he was very satisfied and happy with the final result. “In the video, I appear to be directing Geo, which we found very, very interesting. Focusing on this visual piece”he added.

On a musical level, the singer is listed among the 100 most played artists on the Spotify platform, with more than 37 billion views worldwide and more than 26 million monthly listeners. He explained that he is a mixture of cultures while emphasizing that there is a lot of Puerto Rico.

“The beat is also a reggae beat, which inspires me in a lot of my songs, but the harmonies in the songs are more ‘chill’, like ‘vibe’ and beachy, but not tropical beach, like very ‘chilly’ ‘ ‘, very zen-like. And then there’s clapping that sounds more Spanish, and there’s shouting and partying, which is kind of like my inner madness, and then there’s the rave, very Colombian way of speaking. So there’s a mix of that in there something.”specific.

The creative process for “Energía Bacana” is described as being very similar to “Traicionera” or “Pareja del Año” in that they were written in an hour or less, so they are songs that feel like they have already been written, Because they have a very special inspiration. He also reserves his lyrics to extend to friendships and family relationships.

“For example, this song is similar to ‘Tacones Rojos,’ which is a song you could dedicate to your kids, your parents, your friends, that is, they’re a little more reference-y except for some phrases Your romantic partner. But, most of them are universal love,” he said as he started singing some lyrics to the new song.

One of his recent achievements is the huge success of his recent song “Vagabundo”, while Manuel Turiso and Billerthis coming September 19th, he will be recognized as “Artist of the Year”, 2023 RIAA Awardsa ceremony in Washington, D.C., highlighted the growth of Latin music in the United States.

“Thank you so much to the RIAA as this is a huge honor. I never thought life would take me there. It was like a “second moment” because I left the United States and was making music all over the world in Spanish, Latin America, and Spanish.Life brought me back to the United States, where I won an award for making music in Spanish”, he pointed out.

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