Second deceased by COVID-19 in Jalisco was passed by the successor-in-interest of the ISSSTE


The patient who died on Thursday by a coronavirus, in the premises of the delegation of the Institute of Security and Social Services of the State (ISSSTE), was not a successor-in-interest of the institution, however, the medical staff was not aware of this until I had lost the life.

According to workers of the medical unit, the patient was admitted with identifications that were holding photographs of themselves, however, these were of a familyand it wasn’t until he died that the staff realized that the patient’s identity did not match with the data of the documents submitted to their income.

“It was a patient of 55 years with hypertension and obesity. A family member who was with him, identified him as a successor-in-interest, the Hospital staff admitted immediately and later found that it was not claimant, however, in the INSTITUTE we stand for the health and we reiterate our commitment to protect the health of mexicans,” said the institution through a press release.

However, legally the deceased is the family owner of the credentials with which he entered the patient, which until the moment it is unknown how it will deliver the death certificate of the victim. In this regard the delegation Jalisco ISSSTE reported that the case is already analysed by the central offices of the medical institution, to give a solution to what happened.

The INSTITUTE reiterated its commitment to cater to all and to all mexicans, regardless of whether they are or not beneficiaries of the Institute, while the Director-General, Luis Antonio Ramírez, said that the institution works in accordance with the protocols established by the World Health Organization (WHO) and in coordination with the Health Sector to detect any case of coronavirus emerging in the country, “as well as to inform the population about the development of this condition”.



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