Second Oscar for Natalie Portman? The new film has received critical acclaim and sees Marvel’s Atriz push all limits.

This weekend (12) the Cultural Reserve of the Municipality of Nitro will host the second session of the film “Panorama of the World” at the Rio Festival. Confidential Scandal is the work of Todd Haynes that creates a fusion of identities, and in this sense it takes into account the leading roles of Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore.

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The film, which includes an exhibition of the latest work from critically acclaimed filmmakers, is inspired by the true story of Mary Kay Letourneau, who was involved in a scandal that spanned two tabloids until late 1990 for her abuse of a 13-year-old boy. When I get pregnant, I give mesmo. According to director Sami Birch, the film is a fictional story popular in tabloid culture, culminating in a biographical universe of true crimes seen today.

According to the plot, after several years of shocking accidents, Gracie (Julianne Moore) and Joe (Charles Melton) move to live with their actress Elizabeth (Natalie Portman), who is preparing to film a film about the story. This is what makes the character move beyond Gracie’s life, and some can become a 60-year-old woman who lives with her family without any guilt or resentment for what she said she didn’t get past.

Natalie, who said she loved the wheel, decided to show Todd that he was also interested in the story, which he called resilient and “contains a huge amount of feeling, humanity and complexity.”

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